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Fruit Infused 💦 Recipes 😍😋 #helpful #saveit #useit @nextlevelfitwithjess

Some people aren't meant to grow alongside you , don't be afraid to transform without them🌸 @nextlevelfitwithjess

It's crazy but TRUE! You CAN INSTANTLY reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and creases by using just ONE of our WOW cream packets!
in 45 seconds you'll be able to feel it working and in 45 more seconds, all you'll be able to say is wow! 💚Ask me and I'll send you some before and afters that will leave you speechless😱!😃
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😃Get ready to boom, chill, defend and clear with the It Works! Essential #Oils!

Our It Works! Essential Oils work together as one team to help you be your best! 🙌🏼Ready to meet them? 💥It Works! BOOM: Are you ready to go?! There’s carpools to run, meetings to attend, and a business to build! You gotta be ready to bring your boom! Good thing you’ve got me! With a blend of invigorating spearmint and a fresh burst of citrus—including notes of tangy grapefruit, zesty lemon, and the sweetness of orange, tangerine, and mandarin—you’ll be positively energized with just one whiff! Grab life by the boom and Lezgo!
It Works! CHILL❄️: I know you have a lot on your plate, and you need the energy to get it all done. That’s why you have my buddy, It Works! BOOM, to help keep you going. But you gotta have balance in life. You have to step away from all of the day-to-day madness, sit back, relax, and just chill. That’s my department. You’ll be ready to release, rebalance, and reconnect with the aroma of calm and clean lavender, earthy clary sage, tangy grapefruit, and exotic copaiba. Just chill—you got this!
It Works! DEFEND💪🏻: Are you ready to gear up and defend? They’re gonna throw everything they got at you—at work, in the grocery store, at the kids’ dance recital! Good thing you have me—the protector, the fighter, the defensive lineman to keep you going! With a blend of rosemary, zesty lemon, and the rich spiciness of cinnamon and clove, get ready to gear up and defend!
It Works! CLEAR☺️: I know how crazy life can get. That’s why you need a focused, level-headed, organizer who can help you bring it all back to the basics and keep your mind clear. Hence my name—It Works! CLEAR. With a clearing blend of two eucalyptus oils, stimulating peppermint, elevating myrtle, peppery elemi, and the freshness of cypress oil, I’ll help bring everything into crisp, clear focus. Life is so much better when everything is clear, so clarify your thoughts and just breathe!
➕Add our Fractionated Coconut Oil to the oils to dilute it to the ideal concentration for your skin without changing their natural properties! You can even use our coconut oil alone too!!! 💕

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