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Happy Easter from all of Next Level Fitness staff! 🌸

If women with muscles look like men, what do men without muscles look like? 😛 ⁣⁣⁣
Call or DM us to see how we can make your goals possible. Checkout my transformation photos to see how I went from flab to fab with the help of NLF. ⁣⁣⁣

Happy Saturday fitfam, stay strong! 💪⁣⁣⁣


Happy Easter from all of Next Level Fitness staff! 🌸 We at Next Level Fitness wish you & your family a Happy Easter filled with peace, love & gains. ⁣

Our challenge for you this weekend is to hit 20 bunny hops for every piece of chocolate that you just couldn’t resist.🐰⁣

If you have no idea what a bunny hop is I guarantee it’s a great way to improve lower body strength & a fun way to mix things up. ⁣

Be sure to hop on over to the link in our bio for a free consultation & discover how our newest deals in personal training are perfect for Spring. 💐

Warmer weather is already here, let’s work on those bikini bods before it’s gone! ⁣

In this season of new beginnings & new hopes we wish you & your family nothing but happiness & continued success! Have a wonderful Easter weekend, fitfam!⁣


FITTHERAPY MONDAY 🌼: You are in charge of your happiness. Not having a good day? 🙅🏻‍♀️ No? 🤦🏻‍♀️ YOU have the power to change it. 🔮 Ignore & throw away any negativity that gets thrown your way.⁣

Fill your mind, body & life with self-affirmations, love, good energy & positivity. 💫 Whenever the negativity comes a-knocking CHOOSE to dwell on things that motivate you most. 🧘🏻‍♀️ Just because a negative thought pops up in your mind doesn’t mean you have to dwell on it. It means it’s time to replace it with some 💡. ⁣

We all have bad days but only we have the 🔑 to our thoughts, which means only we get to decide how we are going to perceive the life we live. 🦋 I hope all of you had a great weekend & go into this week strong! Don’t forget to click the link in our bio for our newest Spring specials & get a personal training session on us! ⁣


We have all heard the old saying… An apple a day keeps the doctor away! 
Is this really true? ⁣

Doctors & nutrition specialists have explored the benefits of eating this fruit. Turns out the old saying is pretty accurate. ⁣

The key thing is that you eat the skin! ⁣

The majority of the nutrients are found in the outermost part of this fruit. There are not only vitamins in the skin but also antioxidants & anti-cancer properties.

Apples are a great source of-
1. Fiber⁣⁣
2. Vitamin C⁣⁣
3. Vitamin K⁣⁣
4. Potassium⁣⁣
5. Magnesium⁣⁣
This fruit is a great thing to ad to your diet…. But just eating apples won’t cut it if you are serious about improving your health.⁣⁣
Get a free trial of personal training today to go over your nutrition goals & let us answer any questions you may have.⁣⁣
We truly want to see you succeed. We are driven by your success. Join our family of athletes today. ⁣


Coming at you with some Sunday fitspiration! 👊🏻⁣

▫️YOU are not here to impress anyone..⁣
◾️YOU don't have to go fast..⁣
▫️YOU don't have to lift heavy..⁣
◾️YOU are not here to compete..⁣

The only person that matters in these walls is you. The only person you are here to compete with is YOU. Nobody out there is built like YOU or feels what YOU do. So here's your SUNDAY FITSPIRATION TO JUST DO YOU! Embrace the burn, the sweat & all of YOUR hard work. This week is another chance to start if you haven't already. 🌤⁣

🔥SPECIAL:🔥 50% off of personal training sessions for your first month upon signing up now till the end of July! Call or DM us for more details. #irvine#nextlevelfitness#personaltraining#sundaymotivation

Transformation Tuesday🔥: Once the fire was lit I knew I’d never quit 💪. Losing my father at the age of 19 while 5 months pregnant was the beginning of my fitness journey. 🦋 ⁣

My father passed away for several reasons with poor nutrition being an underlying cause. The picture on the right was taken almost a year after my pregnancy at 175. The day my daughter was born I was 201 & I knew it was time to make a decision. ⁣

I didn’t want my child to feel the same pain I did at such a young age. 💔 I wanted to be able to take her to playground & run around as opposed to sitting on the sidelines out of breath. 💨 ⁣

I wanted to be able to show her that CHOOSING healthier eating habits as opposed to 🍔🍟 3 times a day plays a role in the way we look, think & feel. I wanted to learn for myself as well as her because WE as parents are ultimately setting our kids up for their future. 👨‍🎓⁣

My point in all of this is to show whether it’s through the schools we put them into to the habits we have at home they LEARN off of us. With that being said I knew I needed to break the cycle & make a change but I knew I couldn’t do it alone. ⁣

My change was a process that slowly took place over the course of 4 YEARS & I am currently down to about 130. My journey is far from over as I am still ALWAYS learning something new from the trainers & nutritionists at NLF. 👨🏻‍🍳@adelfos_kitchen

I wasn’t patient at first but I continued to be persistent & I now fully understand what comes easy doesn’t last & what lasts doesn’t come easy. NEVER GET DISCOURAGED. Most importantly DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Find what motivates you! ⁣

It took me losing something to find myself & appreciate the opportunities life has to offer. What opportunities have you let pass by? ✨ #fightforit#irvine#personaltraining#nextlevelfitness#transformationtuesday

🚨 WARNING: Abs are on fiya!!🔥🚒⁣

Have you ever heard of the Swiss ball plank!? No? 💁🏻‍♀️Neither had I until today & I am so glad I did! I have not felt a deep burn throughout my core that good in a while!! 👏🏻⁣

This bad boy is a great way to build your core strength & if done properly engage those 🍑, as well as your lower back & entire body. 💪 Start out by placing your elbows on the ball. Once you are stable enough go ahead & raise your hips off of the ground creating a straight line from your shoulders to your feet. ⁣

Give this exercise a try for yourself & let us know what you think. I guarantee you’ll go through the week with no regrets, as your abs will remind you of the work you put in today. ⁣

If you feel a burning sensation in your abdomen you are doing something right.💥 Try 4 sets of 1 minute planks with 15 second pauses if you dare.🤘🏻 #irvine#nextlevelfitness#personaltraining


Did you know stretching is a great way to increase blood circulation & can help you maximize your workout? ⁣

Stretching helps our bodies remain flexible, which is extremely important when working out to refrain from any unwanted injuries & keeps our joints lubricated!! ⁣

Don’t let muscle soreness keep you from skipping out on YOURSELF, or on the gym any day this week. ⁣

Stretch out before your workouts to prevent any injuries & stretch out after to maximize blood flow & decrease muscle tension. ⁣

The more you stretch the faster your muscles can recover. I know stretching at the end of your workout is the last thing you want to do, BUT give yourself a few minutes & let us know if you feel a difference.⁣


DEDICATION 🔥: No one ever likes the sacrifices it may come with, but no one ever complains about the results. Say hello to some TRX mountain climbers & make them your best friend fitfam! ⁣

Whether you want to target your abs, work your arms, or get in a total-body workout, the TRX has got you covered. It'll work your core like never before, & as a bonus, you'll work your arms to.⁣ It is also a great introductory move for suspension training.

Summer is almost here but it doesn’t mean strengthening your abs for those killer bikini’s is over.💪 Although this might look simple, be cautious & ask one our trainers to guide you in the proper movement to prevent any unnecessary injuries. ⁣

Use us, that's what we are here for. Not only is proper form critical to prevent injuries, but it’s to ensure you get the results your looking for. Doing an improper mountain climber is like doing a half ass crunch & expecting a six pack. 🙊 Can you see it yet? 🙈 ⁣

Tell us your goals & we will guide you through the steps to reach them. It won’t be easy but it WILL be worth it.⁣

Back problems? No problem check out our chiropractic team for a full adjustment & let them rehabilitate you ☝🏻 step closer to giving this exercise a try. Give us a ☎️ for YOUR FREE consultation. I'll be there tonight working on abs what will you be doing?🙋🏻‍♀️⁣


🗣FITTIP FRIDAY: Too often I see people give up before they even try to get into better shape. That’s often because the hurdles they must overcome to achieve their ultimate fitness goals seem too great.⁣

It’s one of the biggest problems faced by people who have a large amount of weight to lose or someone that has undergone a long period of inactivity. The key to getting fit is to start with a goal you truly believe you can accomplish. It may sound simplistic, but it’s true. ⁣

You need to create a small goal first, achieve it & then move on to another small goal. Eventually, you’ll reach your ultimate goal that would have left you feeling overwhelmed if had you started with it first. Take baby steps, change your eating habits & accomplish small goals. Why set small goals?⁣

As you set small goals & achieve them, you’ll boost your confidence. Yes, small goals are easier to achieve, but they also get results faster!! Fast results are super big motivators. Some people who come to Next Level Fitness having tried & failed so many times, they believe that they can’t achieve their goals. That’s simply not true! ⁣

By achieving smaller goals, they start building their confidence to tackle even larger ones & eventually achieve what they thought was previously impossible! ⁣

Happy Friday fitfam, stay confident!! 🌟⁣


Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one! 🌞 ⁣

Don't be discouraged from a lack of knowledge when it comes to stepping foot into a gym. Athletes around the 🌏 use trainers to improve performance. The gym should always be a positive experience to clear your mind & secrete stress through SWEAT💦. No motivation? Read below to see how we can help 🙋🏻⁣
Reasons to hire a personal trainer☝🏻⁣

Unlike other facilities we are non-corporate health & wellness center with highly certified trainers that will meet & exceed all levels of fitness. Our trainers are here to optimize your workout time & push you beyond your comfort zone within your limits. Let us make your goals our priority. 🤝 #irvine#personaltraining#nextlevelfitness

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