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The writer Rachel Kushner has owned several motorcycles; she skis like a racer, and rides around town, wearing Rouge Coco lipstick, in a black-cherry 1964 Ford Galaxie. She uses the novel as a place to be flamboyant and funny, and to tell propulsive stories, but mainly as a capacious arena for thinking. Click the link in our bio to read more about her new book, “The Mars Room.” Photograph by @amandademme for TNY.

"Kanye’s 2020 Vision," a cover by Barry Blitt, from 2015. #TNYcovers

The Mexican-American photographer Laura Aguilar, whose work explored the precariousness of existing in a marginalized community within another marginalized community, has died. In her nude self-portraits, Aguilar made the curves and shadows of her round body echo beautifully the shapes of the landscape around her. She was at once part of the American land, and the viewer’s eye, and apart from them. Click the link in our bio to see more of her work. Photograph by Laura Aguilar/Courtesy the artist and the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center.

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Today in New York: George Bernard Shaw’s “Saint Joan” opens at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre starring Condola Rashad as the warrior, martyr, saint, and troublemaker Joan of Arc. The thirty-one-year-old actress, who has become a force on Broadway in roles like Juliet (opposite Orlando Bloom’s Romeo) and the smiling yet iron-willed daughter in “A Doll’s House, Part 2,” has shown a mixture of poise and fortitude echoing that of her mother, Phylicia Rashad. Photograph by @paridukovic for TNY.

In 1972, a British photographer named John Myers started taking portraits of his neighbors in and around the town of Stourbridge, England. Like a court painter, he captured the material environs of his subjects as intensely as he suggested their inner life. The resulting black-and-white images, which offer a rich catalogue of early-seventies design choices, also provide a gloss on Britain’s current crisis of national identity. Click the link in our bio to see more. Photograph by John Myers/Courtesy RRB PhotoBooks.

A cartoon by @tbtoro. #TNYcartoons

In a new series of digital-collage photos, Ina Jang cut out the models found in Asian soft-core magazines and photographed just their outer contours, empty from edge to edge, leaving behind not women but woman-shaped absences and the physical postures of sexual offering. The implied beholder—Jang’s true subject—sees only vacant playthings, and the deficits of vision that were there all along. Click the link in our bio to see more. Photographs by @inajang/Courtesy @foleygallery.

Miznon pita is plush, Miznon pita is pillowy—you could happily take a nap on a stack of Miznon pita. The first U.S. outpost of a beloved international chain, started by the Israeli celebrity chef Eyal Shani, opened a few months ago and has already achieved pita primacy at Chelsea Market. Click the link in our bio to read our review. Photographs by @kristaschlueter for TNY.

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This week's cover, “Stickball Alley,” by @kadirnelson, captures the thrill and tension of a pickup game. “When I was a kid, we played stickball, dodgeball, kickball, you name it,” he says. Swipe to see an early rough sketch of the cover, and click the link in our bio to read more about Nelson’s influences. #TNYcovers

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