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Starting tonight, The Lincoln Center Festival will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ballet “Jewels,” by George Balanchine, with three of the world’s greatest companies: the Paris Opera Ballet, the New York City Ballet, and the Bolshoi. Each of the work’s three sections is devoted to a gemstone and set to the music of a different composer, so the French dancers will perform the quiet “Emeralds,” set to music by Gabriel Fauré, while the Americans and the Russians will take turns in the jazzy “Rubies” (set to Stravinsky) and the majestic “Diamonds” (set to Tchaikovsky). Photograph by Agathe Poupeney.

Today is the 48th anniversary of the moon landing. 👨‍🚀🌕 "'Ad astra' ('to the stars') will inspire everyone to forever reach upward and onward," the astronaut Buzz Aldrin told the photographer Steve Pyke years after he walked on the moon. Swipe through to see more of Pyke’s portraits of the astronauts from the Apollo missions.

A cartoon by Sam Gross, from this week's issue. Follow @newyorkercartoons for more #TNYcartoons.

“I wonder if any other photographer in the world has photographed as many cat yawns as I have,” Masahisa Fukase says. When the Japanese photographer’s kitten disappeared, and a stranger returned the wrong animal, he took the stray in anyway and made it the subject of a playful photo series. Each image seems to discover a new shade of the cat’s colossal personality, with no feline gesture too small to celebrate. Click the link in our bio to see more. Photograph by Masahisa Fukase.

Tomorrow marks the end of his first half year in the White House, and Donald Trump’s Presidency is in crisis, John Cassidy writes. He is ignoring the turmoil that letting “Obamacare fail” would generate for millions of Americans whose welfare it is his duty to protect. Click the link in our bio to read about the President’s clueless abdication of responsibility. Illustration by @dougchayka.

It’s fitting and strange that Don Draper, who was introduced to us in "Mad Men" ten years ago today, should seem so well-preserved. He falls into the messiness of the sixties with an adman’s militant sense of hygiene. His teeth are the battlements on the castle walls of his face. Meanwhile, in every episode, the bodies of other characters are breached. Click the link in our bio to read more about the weird agelessness of the show's protagonist. Photograph by Craig Blankenhorn/© AMC/Courtesy: Everett Collection.

George Strait is, by some measures, the most popular country-music singer of all time and, by any measure, the most consistent. At his concerts, people go “fucking crazy,” as one executive put it. But in an age of shameless self-promotion, can such a reserved star keep holding on? Click the link in our bio to read Kelefa Sanneh’s Profile of the musician. Photograph by @maxinehelfman2 for TNY.

A cartoon by William Haefeli, from this week's issue. #TNYcartoons

Theodore certainly seems to be enjoying last week's issue. 🐱Thank you for sharing this #newyorkerinthewild, @missvickihughes. Tag us in your photos of The New Yorker, and you could be featured too.

Nelson Mandela would have turned 99 years old today. Our 2013 cover, "Madiba" by @kadirnelson, celebrated the legendary leader. #MandelaDay #TNYcovers

A cartoon by @cartoonamy, from this week's issue. Follow @newyorkercartoons for more #TNYcartoons.

Eight months before she was killed in Auschwitz, the artist Charlotte Salomon poisoned her grandfather. She documented the event in real time, in a 35-page letter and an ink drawing, which her family hid for over sixty years. The English translation of the letter will be published this fall. Click the link in our bio to learn more about the painter, auteur, enigma, and murderer. Photograph courtesy the Jewish Historical Museum © Charlotte Salomon Foundation.

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