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New Wave Activism  #newwaveactivism @sabrinajoydesgagne Toronto based Stopping trucks Bearing witness Raising awareness 🦃🐓🐑🐄🐖

I hate nature
Coral reefs are ugly
Suffocating to death seems like a painless experience
Fish probably don’t like swimming
Fish don’t feel pain
I’m a fish eater .
#fish #fishing #fishinglife #sundayfunday #sunday #dinner

Lean meat? Healthy alternative? High in protein?
If this doesn’t look tasty then why consume this and let it stay in your intestinal tract for days.
#friendsnotfood #chicken #chickenrecipes #kfc #friedchicken #chickenandwaffles #healthyfood #health

If they don’t comfort each other, who will?
These animals are intelligent and sentient. They make friendships as well as enemies and each have their own likes and dislikes.
You’re in pieces as we speak, and forty percent of your innocent body will be wasted by the industry.
Choose vegan and do as much as you can to prevent this unnecessary pain and suffering. #veganrecipes #challenge22 #tgif #porkbelly #bacon #weekend

Amazing. Fearless. Necessary.
These two beautiful people are so important to bearing witness. They stay strong and keep us safe while we spend two minutes with the animals.
We are all so thankful, thank you so much @aammeelliia and @autobottesla

🔊 Petrified and looking for anything to eat.
Inconsiderate ‘humans’ honk continuously with the intention of making the final moments of these animals more unbearable.
We need to be better as a society.
I would never walk by a group of religious people handing out i formation and tell them to ‘get a job!’ or tell them ‘I love to sin!’ Or ‘fuck god!’...
Because no matter what my beliefs are, I do not have the intention to make people feel bad for their beliefs especially when they are aspiring to inform, as opposed to dominate.

Amazing Thursday crew!

@markcoombs7 comforting a beautiful animal in their final moments.
Mark is dedicated and amazing at capturing the horrors and beauty of these animals.
His energy transcends through to the animals and for that we are all thankful.

Tuesday is only one of the many days cows arrive for slaughter inToronto.
I wish I could comfort each of you individually and hold you as you breathe your final breath.
I wish I could be honest with you when I tell you ‘everything will be okay’.
#thekeg #meat #beef #dinner #throwbackthursday #meatlessmonday #cutecouples #babyshower #cutebaby

I will se you ALL this Sunday!

These four take activism to a whole new level.
Mark and Kayla represent the new generation of activists who are everywhere! They are intelligent and professional while being relatable; the best possible thing for this movement.
Then there’s Shirley and Agnes who are inspiring on every level. Not only are they the cutest friends on earth, but they are bad ass motherfuckers. They don’t care about what you think and they are so consistent!
Thank you to these four amazing people for making activism easy.

I am not a doctor, but that doesn’t sounds good.
If there are any animal experts out there who have an idea please let me know. It looks like potentially sneezing? Or gaging?
Whatever the issue, this innocent animal was suffering for no reason.
Bacon isn’t worth this, go vegan🌱

🐶JUST like your animal friends at home🐰
I see something new every time I attend a slaughterhouse. Each individual suffers in a different way.
I wish I could quench your thirst. I am so sorry you were never appreciated for your beautiful eyes and cute ears.

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