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We weren't able to go anywhere this spring break bc we are putting a new floor in our RV. So we are trying to explore locally. Yesterday, we went to the library and Thing 2 picked out some Asian cookbooks. Today we went to the Asian market for ingredients and he made miso clam chowder for dinner. #deliciousfood #asianfusion #lifeschool #alwaysahomeschooler

That is Thing 1. I just put him on a plane by himself for the first time and joined in the chorus of "how did this happen" ! As soon as he walked out of my sight, I glanced around halfway expecting some stranger to hug me and say it's going to be ok. Instead, they were busy shuffling their tickets, adjusting clothes, and waiting for their group to be called for boarding. No one had any idea that my heart was being stretched and squeezed to the point of wanting to be hugged by random people. In these lonely letting go moments I breath deep into my faith and remember he was never "mine& #34; to begin with. He turns 17 in less than a month and college is on the horizon. How will I ever deal? One breath, one change, at a time. And, man, I'm so thankful for my Littles because if there is one cliche that holds fast, it's "it goes by so fast" . I need a hug.

My happy boy #exceptwhenhesnot

Thing 3 and his best friend this morning at church. #ridiculouslycute #toddlerlife

Wearing mama's headband.

These beautiful people have been an answer to prayer. After settling down I was lonely and missed doing everyday simple life stuff with my traveling friends. I actually asked God to bring a friend into my life who would want to "do life" stuff together. A short month and a half ago these people moved in next door and now it feels weird if a day goes by and we don't connect. Nearly every day we go on walk or just hang out or check in bc parenting littles can be an exhausting lonely task. I'm just so dang grateful the friendship that has been growing between the six of us.

This guy climbed up into the chair all by himself!

Four years of travel is hanging on our dining room wall using @artifactuprising photos. @bnims drilled holes in metal strips and we stuck magnets to the back so we can easily interchange photos.

Thing 2 and I are on our own tonight with the littles so he helped out by making shrimp scampi over rice noodles for dinner.


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