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Last year both boys asked if they could drop their history classes because they were so boring. The teacher was assigning tons of dry textbook reading and retention questions and nothing else. I wasn't sure if I should allow them to drop or push through and learn a lesson about perseverance. Ultimately, I decided they could drop the classes and we'd do history on our own either using living books or hands on exploration or better yet both! I decided it was more important to preserve their curiosity for history that I worked hard to nurture (not plant bc all children have natural curiosity and it's our job to nourish it). Fast forward 10 months...these guys spent the day at Colonial Williamsburg bringing the history they have been reading about the last few weeks to life. At the end of a long day (in 90 degree weather I might add) Thing 1 asked if he could go back bc he had not seen all the things he wanted to see. Curiosity wins! Mission accomplished! #homeschool #roadschool #ushistory #americanhistory #colonialwilliamsburg #virginia

You know it's hot when you decide to add a second air conditioner. #wimps

Someone else wants breakfast.

It may be hot but we are still out exploring and finding fun at Jamestown Settlement. Swipe to see how much Thing 2 has changed since the last time we were here!

So this trip is actually a lot harder than we anticipated. Mainly, it's the heat and having to meet two completely different types needs for each pair of kiddos. The heat is restricting our outdoor time and the toddlers go stir crazy inside the RV resulting in making my job much much harder. (There is a reason most fulltime RVers follow the good weather.) The Bigs want to see sights and the Littles want to run wild. Brent needs to work much of the time. I realize we are fortunate to have this sort of flexibility and resources but I kinda wish I had been a little more realistic and sought out cooler wide open spaces. We are here and the Bigs are making great progress on their U.S. history credit. I'm loving all the history and reminiscing about our last East Coast tour. Anyway social media doesn't always paint the real picture and if you didn't read this you would think from the picture it's all been sandcastles and smiles. Speaking of smiles... getting this time together as a family even if it's been somewhat of a challenge is wonderful. I'm soaking up all this time together.

Started the official history portion of our US history tour at the Wright Brothers Memorial and Fort Raleigh, the site of the first English colony in present day America. It's super fun to go back and visit places we saw over 5 years ago. Swipe for to see the. Bigs then. So many memories and, boy, has our family changed!

Yesterday, there was a moment when both Bigs sat on my towel with me. They didn't know it but my heart filled with so much joy with them at my side as we watched the Littles. As teenagers they (most of the time) show kindness and care for me by helping out with the Littles and house or RV or let me know when I make a dumb joke (rare but it happens 😉) or, most meaningful, just spending time with me. ❤

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