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Frankie (they/them)  Homoromantic/Asexual, Gender Neutral, Clinically Depressed and Never Well Dressed.

I followed a sainsburys pride group literally the whole time ~Frankie


I have to meet with my school's pastoral advisors again about my 'situation'. Ugh ~ Frankie

~ Frankie

It's kind of a given for me because I am one but yeah. ~Frankie

If you like any of these bands, you're immediately in my good books. ~ Frankie

~ Frankie

*Turns on the Riff Off from Pitch Perfect*
Let's talk about *looks to see if anybody is there*
Chicken Nuggets ~ Frankie

Fun Fact:

I sent this to my mum a while ago and that's how I came out. She doesn't know about my gender yet though. ~ Frankie

1) Biromantic/Asexual
2) Neutral
3) Terrified
4) Wolf in Sheep's Clothing By Set It Off
5) Short, Curly, Ginger, soon to have an undercut
6) Leo
7) Nobody
8) Grey
9) Pasta
10) 98%
11) Blue/Green/Brown/Gold (it changes)
12) Musician
13) England ~ Frankie

Somebody said the same sort of thing to me once. ~ Frankie

Same ~ Frankie

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