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NewCath Math Department  Take a look in our daily math adventures at Newport Central Catholic High School #math #stemeducation

Did you know you only need three points to find the equation for any quadratic function? Notice how all three foul shots take slightly different paths but produce a consistent result. Can you describe what's happening in terms of math? Transformations, angles, derivatives... 🤓🏀 #ballislife #mathislife

NCC students paired up with their k-2 buddies at Newport Primary to tutor, mentor, and enjoy the weather during Coding Club and FitKids

Ms. Hlebiczki's Geometry classes showed off their art skills by drawing examples of rotations about the origin.

Sometimes students can be negative: -810 degrees to be exact.

Seniors are reviewing their trig functions and coterminal angles.

Algebra 2 classes are currently learning about quadratic functions and parabolas.... just in time for basketball season to start!

Ms. Hlebiczki's Geometry Honors class enjoyed the outdoors as they explored five triangle congruence theorems and wrote proofs.

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