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N.A.C. Cosmetics  💠NEW MAKEUP LINE 💠Our mission is to uplift underrated MUA 💠50 PR PACKAGES/ launching soon👀 💠👉owner @itsmylookbook

NAC supporters are THE BEST 👌🏻
We are so happy to announce our page has been successfully created on Facebook and we would welcome all the NAC supporters to join it. :)Supporters will be much appreciated and we would also count your Facebook support as a bonus for you to be able to get picked as a promoter 🙌🏼 :) :
Please do share the page on your Facebook and ig and DM us the photo as a proof if u want a feature on @itsmylookbook in return 😀💛
let your friends know about this NEW ARTIST friendly brand 🙅🏼
& If you have any suggestions on how to improve our Facebook page. DM US. :
Thank you once again for the support #naccosmetics #hudabeauty #lovemakeup #muafollowtrain #newartistcosmetics #makeup

Hey dolls!
Hope your are all doing well ..💖
First of.... Welcome to all the new followers and thank you soo much for your interest and support it means a lot to us.
So this time we have a riddle for you & it starts with 😉
Guess what..?
💛What are we working on ?
Any idea? Clue? What it might be ? Keep in mind " THE NEW ARTIST" Whoever answers this riddle correctly, they will be sent out our PR PACKAGE also the next release after the first one.. .
And if we receive same answer there will be a draw for choosing one winner .
Start commenting.((((( your first comment would be accepted only as an entry))))) 😁
Regards N.A.C. cosmetics.💖.
#newartistcosmetics #newartist #makeup #muafollowtrain #mua #lovemakeup #hudabeauty

We value your opinion
The brand represents YOU , its all about YOU ..
So today we want to know what colours you prefer In your vanity
to begin with
Comment below ..
#newartistcosmetics #newartist #makeup #muafollowtrain #mua #lovemakeup #hudabeauty

Hi angels,
We hope your all fine... We would like to say thank you to everyone who replied to our last post( it really helped us to know more about your preferences)
We are so grateful of every single one of you. Words CANNOT describe how excited we are for the launch of our brand very very soon
You know why?? Because this brand is all about YOU (the new artist ) and we can not wait to share all the ideas we have been working on ❤️
So today our post is about HOW TO BECOME A PROMOTER of @newartistcosmetics
We are not doing what everyone is doing for promotions. Because
We want genuine lovers who not only love makeup but also love to work with us and support us and in return we would love to give you all the opportunities you deserve .. So what are you waiting for check out these simple steps below if you want to be a part of N.A.C.
1. follow @newartistcosmetics & @itsmylookbook
2. Must Share us on your ig stories (we will count the Num of shoutouts at the end )
3. Either Share us on your page (must tag us @newartistcosmetics or use hashtag #newartistcosmetics and keep the post up until we decide to pick. (U don't have to if u don't want but chances are higher if u do)
4. (Optional) If you have YouTube. Share us their and dm us once you have done so
5. U can use any social media to give us shoutouts ... (must dm us or share the link for us to see that) and that's it. We have some big new coming up for our supporters so look out for it 😉 #naccosmetics #makeup #makeupforbeginners #makeupoftheday #muafollowtrain #hudabeautylipstrobe

Hey dolls! -
Hope y'all are doing great. First of all Thank you soo much for your continuous support and shoutouts and also we really appreciate the time you all have taken out from your busy lives to comment on our previous post. YES WE VALUE YOUR OPINION & not to mention This brand is all about YOU ( new artists )and we would do anything to make you feel great about being a NEW MUA.

As we value your opinion... Today we are asking you about products you are interested in...
If we were to launch five items mentioned below, Which one would you want to grab first:
1: Eyeshadow
2: Liquid highlighter
3: Glitters
4: Glitter Eyeliners
5: Makeup brushes
Have a great day.
N.A.C Cosmetics®
#naccosmetics#newartistcosmetics #itsmylookbook #muafollowtrain #muafollowtrain2017 #hudabeauty #vegasnay #makeup #newartist #newmakeupline #promotions

Hey. How are you all..?
As we're launching our brand soon
We decided to ask you first because this brand is all about you beauties.
Some of the questions if u would like to answer...
What are u expecting from us..?
What do you want us to create..?
Which product do you want us to launch first..? Also what do you want the most in your kit as a NEW ARTIST..? Feel free to write your ideas and thoughts in the COMMENT section below. No DM's. #newartistcosmetics #itsmylookbook #newmakeup #makeupcommunity #makeup #muafollowtrain #mua #newartist #opinions #suggestions #hudabeauty #artist #NAC

Hey babes. As we've been getting 100's of DM's to promote our brand, asking us when it'll launch and what will you have to do to be our promoter. New Artist Cosmetics(N.A.C) will soon be launching in 2018. Thank you soo much for your interest in our brand. It's always exciting to hear from you beauties that you guyz want to review our products. There are few things you should know to get our PR package.
•First thing you need to do is Support our brand, Help us grow our brand. •Stay Active on your page, post frequently.
•Share about us frequently on your pages.
•The more you share about New Artist Cosmetics(N.A.C) the higher you get chances to be our promoter.
•Everytime you share about us Tag @newartistcosmetics in your comments & Use two of our hashtags #newartistcosmeticssupport #itsmylookbook if u want so that it'll be very easy for us to get notified.
We'll always be checking who's struggling with us to grow our brand . So don't worry.
Your support means alot to us.
Hope you have a nice day.

Hello angels .. welcome to @newartistcosmetics 💕and thank you for your support. It means us so much you have no idea. Our first giveaway collab is up. Check out #itsmylookbook's page to follow the instructions. Thank you once again 😘

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