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New Age Gents  A platform that's building better men by discussing what it means to be a gentleman. Founder: Brandon G. Alexander newagegents@gmail.com


@kathrynrmccormick is my life’s greatest gift. She’s my home space and my favorite place. When we first started dating I made a promise to myself that I would never stop learning her. She’s my absolute best friend. I am constantly learning from her every day. She is so fearless in looking deeply at herself and the ways she can grow. That takes such vulnerability. She has a superpower. She’s able to see people’s souls. When she looks at me, she’s always looking at my rawest self. It’s helped me tear town so many guarded walls and see those parts of me as well. She’s taught me how to love better, and how to appreciate conflict because of the growth it brings. She makes me feel more beautiful than I usually allow myself to see. She makes me feel like the luckiest man alive. She’s the ultimate teammate and adventure buddy. When we are together it feels like there’s nothing we can’t do.” - @mrjacobpatrick #newagegents TAG the person that’s taught you how to love better 🙏🏾

You are the greatest of all time, not just in sport--I’m talking about as a mother and as a wife.
I am so excited to write so many more chapters of our fairy tale together.
And my whole life I didn’t even realize it, but I was waiting for this moment.
And everything that I have done, everything that I am so proud of in my career, and in my life, for the last 34 years, pales in comparison to what we’re doing today.
And I am so grateful, and I am so in love.” - Alexis Ohanian Sr. @alexisohanian #newagegents

#GentlemansTip: “If you’re ever lucky enough to catch love, hold it tight, treat it right, never let it go and watch it grow.” - @kjp #newagegents

Relationships end the moment we stop caring. They’re over the second you or your partner stop giving a damn about the relationship and each other. Love is a one day at a time kinda thing. It’s a choosing that person each day, no matter how ugly or great things were the day before. It’s so nice knowing that someone wants to make your day better, that want to support your dreams/vision and make sure that you’ve got what you need. The other day I was sitting with my girlfriend @lindseyschuberth and I started to think about how much she shows up in our relationship. So I said to her, “thanks for giving a damn.” Thank God, for having someone that sends cute texts or calls just to hear how your day was. It’s such a good feeling that someone wants to share moments and make moments with you. There’s nothing like knowing your efforts and love are appreciated. If you’ve found someone that’s got your back, the way you’ve got theirs...be grateful you found someone that gives a damn enough to show you. It means they care. It means they love you. It means they see what they’ve got and don’t mind doing the work it takes to build with someone. #newagegents TAG the person you’re grateful for

“Being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a gentleman is a matter of choice.” - Vin Diesel @vindiesel #newagegents Order your “Gentleman by Choice” sweater today by clicking the link in our bio.

Integrity over everything. #newagegents

A true gentleman knows “I love you” ain’t no pick up line. #newagegents

“I'm talking to you ladies so I don't want to hear "well what about the husbands?" We will address them on another post. 😉 Lately I've been really convicted about my words I speak to Casey. Sure he messes up and can be forgetful, but he also works really hard for our family and loves me so much. Your husband needs to know that you're proud of him! He needs to hear that you find him attractive and that you trust him! So take some time today like I plan on doing and send a text, or tell him over dinner tonight. Say it with a sincere heart and give him a big hug. #marriage365 #ilovemyhusband #ichooselove” via @marriage365 #newagegents

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having much more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” - @kjp #newagegents #chivalrousgentleman

“10 Tips for choosing the right life partner:
1. Don't make choices out of fear.
2. Be careful jumping into a committed relationship right off the bat.
3. Give people a chance that you normally wouldn't give a chance too.
4. Throw out your checklist.
5. Look for qualities that are he foundation of a good partnership, throw the tiny details out.
6. Don't let lust be your guide.
7. Don't confuse an "emotional roller coaster" with being crazy for someone.
8. Find someone you can be yourself around.
9. Don't keep waiting for something to change that obviously won't.
10. Have fun!”
Via @agentsteven #newagegents #chivalrousgentleman

4 things that make a gentleman: Education, Reading, Good Company and Reflection. 👌🏾#newagegents #chivalrousgentleman

Loving someone is a daily practice. Don’t just give them lip service, show up. #newagegents #chivalrousgentleman

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