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New Age Gentlemen LLC  A platform that's building better men by discussing what it means to be a gentleman. Founder: Brandon G. Alexander

"We can't think our way out of a sh*tty feeling. We have to do something about it, and flicking our thumb through social media is probably the exact opposite of what we should be doing. We have to change the channel, change the environment, change the people, just change anything that's within our immediate power. The response of 'easier said than done' never gets old, but we get to the point of sink or swim, and since many folks self-diagnose themselves with depression, maybe it's time they also self-treat that same condition with real action. Figure out the triggers, recognize what's good for your mind, body, and soul and do that. Otherwise we're trapping ourselves in a self-loathing cycle wondering why everyone else seems happier than us; they're not. The folks that are genuinely happier are putting in the work, because they realize that little comes from feeling sorry for ourselves, and we ALWAYS have control over our effort, so let's start there. There isn't a secret code to being happy, it's simply recognizing and appreciating the blessings we all have in our lives. Sometimes it's difficult to recognize those blessings, but no one promised us an easy life. Put in the work."
- @humblethepoet #newagegents

New Age Gents and @ddspinthebottle have been working on a podcast series we've titled "Wine & Whiskey" We've got all new episodes airing EVERY. SINGLE. FRIDAY about Dating, Marriage, Intimacy, and so much more. We've had some amazing conversations and guests on the show that we can't wait to share with you. Check out this promo video done by the brilliant @chicitysoulstar
Head over to @ddspinthebottle account and tap the link in their bio to subscribe so that you don't miss the first episode airing this Friday, 8/18! 🍷🥃 #newagegents

#GDW Gentlemen's Drink Wednesday:
"Start the night with a cocktail that can stand up to any culinary creation.

GREY GOOSE Martini Cocktail Recipe
2 1/2 Parts GREY GOOSE® Vodka
1/2 Part NOILLY PRAT® Original French Dry Vermouth
1 Dash Orange Bitters
Lemon Zest" - @greygoose #newagegents

Had to share the love between Jemel and his mom! Here's some #FoodForTheSoul and to spread some good vibes.
"Sprinkling in a lil LOVE from me and my momma on your timeline today 😊 🙏🏽. Mom, you're so dope!!! Thank you for always being true to your light, and raising me to be the same. *P.S. she really does love her Zumba like this y'all lol! Anybody else into Zumba??
TAG 3 friends, pass along a smile today!😁
@jemelmcwilliams w/ @sandwallace ft: @kevakevs
#jemelmcwilliams" post via @jemelmcwilliams

"The lessons are only helping you sharpen your skills. Grow and evolve." - @robhillsr #newagegents

Men, like @radicalselflove said...learning to love yourself will give you the courage to challenge the world around us. We won't be stuck in old ways of thinking and how we approach life. Your entire perspective will shift when you look within and understand that what we've been taught isn't a path we have to stay on. You can find your truth and no longer have to settle for the one you've been force fed about masculinity. Self-love is reshaping manhood/being a gentleman. Read more about this in the latest article from Kelsey Grant on #newagegents LINK IN BIO

Let go, king....let go. Everything's gonna be alright. #newagegents

HAVE FAITH: "Sometimes the goal we've worked our ass off for years is never achieved.
Then years later we look back and realize, it's the best thing that NEVER happened." - @therock the chivalrous gentleman #newagegents

With all the tension and hatred, I had to share the picture of a man who spends his time being a friend to all who need it. The man holding the sign is an actor in LA, Christian Calloway @actinghomeless. Initially when I saw him I thought he was homeless...until I read what the sign said. "Wanna Talk? I'll listen!" So I went over and we had an incredible talk. The interesting thing is, Christian's been doing this for years and has met several people that just needed an ear to listen. I told him he's the kind of person that the world needs right now. He's a man that's standing in love, a human standing for love. Love is the only power that will change the hatred we're seeing. It has before and it will today and it will in the future. This quote came to mind after talking to Christian and the events happening in Charlottesville, "Where there is hatred, let me sow love"
- St. Francis #newagegents

"when I can't think of anything nice to say... #TrueNorth" — @jrlemon2 #newagegents

"I wish he was here." Is the cry of not just Kaden, but for generations of men who didn't have a father in their life or they had one and he wasn't as present/loving/compassionate as they needed. This is how we save our boys and men who are hurting deeply. They need to know they're loved and supported. This clip of @mrjasonowilson and @cave313 not only went viral on the internet, this ceremony inspired an episode on @nbcthisisus
The world is waiting for us. It is hungry for men to step up and love like never before. It takes love. It takes support. It takes a village. #SavingBoys #TeachTrainTransform #newagegents

There's a great shift that's happened and still happening in the masculinity space. I'm beyond grateful to see men that challenge the antiquated ideas of what it means to be a man. There's a liberating movement in play. Men are getting free. They're discovering who they truly are and who they want to become. The myths and false ideologies are slowly crumbling to the ground. Some of the old ways and beliefs about masculinity were destructive and unhealthy for the culture. They created generational damage, mainly do to the fact that the story we were told was if you didn't dress like this, have this job, control your emotions like that and treat/see women this way then you weren't man enough or a man at all. But the message is changing. It's a slow progression but men are changing. You are, We are solution to some of problems the world is facing today. The youth need us. Our communities need us. Our education systems need us. The government needs us. Our churches needs us. The environment needs us. Our local neighborhood and the stranger on the street need us. Why do they need us? Because they need to see and experience what it looks like when men lead with love, integrity, and kindness. I'm not saying this will solve all the problems we face but it's a start towards a tomorrow for the next generation to thrive and to carry on a legacy that is filled with compassion towards each other and love. #newagegents TAG the men you know that are redefining what it means to be a man/gentleman. #newagegents The gentleman in the photo is @mario_donato

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