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New England Behaviour Support  Social Work services providing NDIS Therapeutic, Early Childhood Supports & Self/Plan Managed Improved Relationships for emotional wellness 🌱 #nebs

Emotions | There is always time to talk about emotions. Mr 4 doesn’t enjoy showers as much as he enjoys a bath so we use some pretty creative distractions!
Tonight we used the opportunity to talk about emotions. We used dry soap to draw emotions on a mirror and reflected the picture onto the walls. We talked about all the things that make us happy. Shower success!!! 👊🏽🌱 #nebs | #newenglandbehavioursupport | #emotions | #talkaboutthembecauseweallhavethem | #creativity | #showerdistractions

Sunday Sessions are done for the day and now time to pick up our online @colessupermarkets grocery order ready for back to school tomorrow!! Wishing all parents and kids a great term 4!! 🌱

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Bunnies!!!! We had two little bunnies join our tribe this week; Sparkles & Coco. This is Sparkles ✨
The kids are loving their cuteness and they’re teaching us how to gentle & calm so we don’t frighten them. Be warned, bunny spam comin at ya!!! #nebs | #newenglandbehavioursupport | #pettherapy | #bunnies | #sparkles | #coco | #calmingcreatures | #calmingbunnies

Amygdala Hijack | Have you heard my example of snakes setting off our amygdala in summer??? If not, I talk about how we tend to fear snakes in summer and how our amygdala goes into alert mode when we’re in snake prone areas. The amygdala will hijack our brain into fright, freeze or fight mode when we see something that looks or sounds like a snake, like a stick or a rustle in the grass.
Well I’m slowing decreasing my amygdala response to snakes!!! My son leaves this snake in and outside our house and initially I would go into freeze mode, now I’m stepping over this thing like it’s a piece of the furniture 👊🏽🐍 #nebs | #newenglandbehavioursupport | #amygdala | #fright | #freeze | #fight | #thenextsnakewhisperer

Play dough | The benefits of play dough are endless. It can improve fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, provides an outlet for creativity, and sensory stimulation.
At @new_england_behaviour_support we use it as a stress reducer. Kneading play dough and forming it into shapes is similar to doing progressive muscle relaxation on the arms. It causes children to tighten and release their arm muscles, thereby helping them relieve built up tension.
Hint for making it fun: Make your own play dough with this awesome recipe from @the.small.folk. To get your child more involved, add oils for a nice scent, add oatmeal, rice, or glitter for extra texture, or mix various colors to make new shades,

You can encourage play dough prior to or during transitions and following emotional escalations to relieve some stress 🌱

#nebs | #newenglandbehavioursupport | #playdough | #chocolateplaydough | #mmmmmchocolate | #progressivemusclerelaxation

We’re out and about in Tamworth and Quirindi today. I get soo excited about going to Quirindi to see the beautiful poppies!! Ain’t no rain gunna stop me from taking a picture of these beauties!
If you’re in the Quirindi area and would like therapeutic support around emotional wellness under your NDIS plan, check out our services and package deals at 🌱

#nebs | #newenglandbehavioursupport | #tamworth | #quirindi | #outreach

Content | I talk about emotions all day long, and now I feel content. I feel this way because I captured moment of a beautiful Mumma with her children. The connection was beautiful; and at that moment, their world was magestic. Hold onto those moments because you’re already doing it!! 🌱

#nebs | #newenglandbehavioursupport | #feelings | #emotions | #strengthbasedpractice

What a beautiful day to be out and about in Gunnedah with @new_england_behaviour_support 🌱

#nebs | #newenglandbehavioursupport | #rain | #gunnedah

Revamped Website | Our website has had a bit of an update and we’re excited to answer your Frequently Asked Questions!! If you have any questions about how we work, what we do, where we do it, what we use or anything else, please let us know by asking here 👇🏽 or sending us a private message.
No question is a silly question and it’s likely someone else has the same question too! 🌱

#nebs | #newenglandbehavioursupport | #frequentlyaskedquestions | #websiterevamp | #whatdoyouwanttoknow | #letusknowyourquestions

I hope you’ve all had a great long weekend, if not - here is something that might make you smile!! 😂

#nebs | #newenglandbehavioursupport | #funny | #twoandthreequarters | #adultingistough

Have a fabulous long weekend!! #nebs | #newenglandbehavioursupport | #longweekend | #enjoy

Business Cards | Nature plays a big role in my life and what I influence with @new_england_behaviour_support so I’m super excited to launch our business cards that are ethically made using recycled T-shirt offcuts. They are sooo amazing!!! 🌱

#nebs | #newenglandbehavioursupport | #businesscards | #ethical | #recycled | #usingteesnottrees

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