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|| Tragedy by Nevi || L Y R I X 📃
There you go.
There you go looking for skeletons in closets, let's be honest.
There you go again off topic and.... Love can only take us as far as we've come.
There you go again.

I seen it from the start
The way she broke my heart
They're here to see & judge me harshly
Halfway in love & f*ck you partially.
That's the other me.
Spectacles it's hard to see
And the man you want right now
Girl it's hard to be.
All of the he said, she said
All of the reasons we're dead
All of the lying & lurking
My love unemployed. No purpose
My love ain't good enough?
Ain't working
If this is love it should concur all
Making up time off an Audemar
It was you on the side of a phone call
New phone. Who's this ?
Savage heart moving ruthless
Your daddy always had the drama
You're your mommas baby
with the commas!
Does the money buy good memories?
I miss the sound, yeah the melody
I keep my heart locked down
In a cage like a felony
Melanie ?
Deep & darker like some melanin
I mix the L**n and then I'm getting in
I miss the L**n and then I'm getting in
Niggas wanna be ? ( I would )
She just want the real me. ( For good )
She just wanna be a freak
Yeah she just wanna be a freak !
Ay she just want the real me
Niggas wanna be me.
Am I the one? That'll love you like for sure
If life is beach, then why the water love the shore ?
I wanna be your gravity.
I wanna be your core.
And though we are parting ways.
My heart forever yours.
I'm sorry that I called your friend a whore
I don't care about " feelings "
but I hurt yours
Tragedy, the way she broke my...
Tragedy. It's tragedy
Tragedy the way she broke my heart ❤️

them man ain't area 3 @adidasza


it's not easy there. it's not snooze button nor sleepy there. 📽: @connecxionmediaworldwide

it won't hurt if you don't let it 🌘

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