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João Neves  Freelance Graphic Designer / Music: Floppy Circus [email protected] Lisbon - PT

Work in progress ✍️

Section of a new work in progress lettering illustration ✍️

Section of a new illustration I'm working on for a fun book project.
Inspired by this emoji 🌄

The original drawings for my @36daysoftype entries.
Kind of bummed I wasn't able to finish the challenge but it was fun to work on this side little project.

No fancy lettering for today. Today I need your help.
I've been working as a freelancer for 3 years and it's been a wild ride: I've had the opportunity to work for print ads; TV; apparel; editorial illustrations; branding etc. I feel blessed for every single opportunity that comes my way.
Unfortunately common sense is a bigger variable than it should be so things aren't always this pretty.
Before I start publicly shaming this company I worked for, I'm curious to hear other people experiences with non-paying clients (even if you have a contract); people ignoring your e-mails; etc and what was the best way to deal with that.
These incidents cannot simply go unnoticed and I strongly believe that as a community it is our duty to turn them into rare exceptions.
Feel free to send me a DM or post in the comments your thoughts and advice on this subject.

New print I worked on for @houseofyve
I had a lot of fun working this one because I got to use a bunch of different techniques - I mixed vector with hand lettering and digital painting.
Looking forward to see how they turn out printed with gold foil on black paper 🌟

Detail of this new illustration I'm working on. Still a lot of work to do but I'm stocked with the direction its taking!
Regarding @36daysoftype - I don't plan on making more letters but it was still a good opportunity to try new colors and techniques ✍️

G letter for #36daysoftype
I always loved this style of lowercase "g"! #36days_f @36daysoftype

Woop woop! New letter for #36daysoftype
How is your weekend going so far?
#36days_f @36daysoftype

Happy Saturday! New one for #36daysoftype
#36days_e @36daysoftype

New entry for #36daysoftype
This colour palette reminds me of cotton candy - it's been years since I've had it!

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