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Ben Chlapek  illustration / garbage / Chicago / / Neatly Knotted / 1/2 of Dismal Niche Tapes. Commissions welcome.

I have these two framed 8" x 10" pieces available now. $200 each, including shipping. Let me know if you're into it.

"A fine hiding place." 6" x 6". This will go to Austin for Mondo's #houseparty2 show. You can scroll through to see the progress shots. #drawing

Overheard, or low on ideas. #drawing

Happy Wash. 4"x5", finished. #drawing

Now we're getting somewhere. #drawing #happywash

A sort of test. I dunno.

Good morning?

10 minute snowy van warmup. #drawing

Progress. #lotr #drawing

Doing some watercolor and graphite exercises to get more familiar with those media. It's not really helping but whatever.

I saw it. #moon #🌕

Morning trash warmup. I like drawing trash I see along the street because it's been crushed and aged and buried in snow, and my brain can't just assume the form and fill it in. I really have to look at the shapes and details, and get it right for it to be identifiable. Trash, man.