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SOLO AMORE SE AMORE SAI DARE ! My sister @iosonoaria with my love at @gayaramakid and last but not list the great @sha___ribeiro .... spacca!!💪what a combo !

"Dynamic influences" series . "Milano Nord"
The idea is to create a tension between a big banner and an abandoned architecture in northern Milan.
The aggressive push of the wind and the consequent tearing of the banner puts in motion a sculptural movement that is constantly transformed.
Pic Blindeye Factory
big up to my friend Zamoc for the help

TRAIETTORIE a 1 month ongoing documentary broadcasted entirely through Instagram stories by @never2501 & @martina_merlini .
Starting in Queretaro with @galeria_balneario and @galerialibertad .
In Tulum with @residenciagorila .
Finishing in Mexico City with @celayabrothers .

Was great to perform with LA MACCHINA at Fondazione Teatro Verdi for @internetfest together with my brother Martino Coffa from @recipient_collective .

Soon will start TRAIETTORIE a project with @martina_merlini and @galeria_balneario for a double solo show at @galerialibertad a great space for contemporary art in Queretaro . Manual eatching on alluminum 2017.

Love this pic from @latatamaschio of a wall I did back in the days with the guys of @Picturin inside one amazing industrial parck called Doria in Tourin IT.

"KOTTBUSSERTOR" 150x180 cm
2017 ink and gesso on canvas

Some more from Berlin ! Big up to my brother @elephantinberlin Dario Jacopo Lagana for the super pics!!!

My work for Roome Service at Reggia di Caserta curated by Pia Lauro.

This work is the union of two researches that I have been pursuing for a long time.
It s the mix of "Dynamic Influences" and "Obstacles to elevation" (a work i start with my big friend and artist @thisislimbo about an allegory of common use tools in the practice of new muralism )

The use the scaffold as a tool to realize the wall painting but also as "ready made" that influences the painting itself with its shadows emphasizing the importance and centrality of the process inside the new muralism at the expense of the aesthetic result.

Lighting of the workpiece is entirely entrusted to the spectator that by moving the lights can change the entire lighting of the work.

During the exhibition the scafold will.be desmanteled in front of the public as a performance.

The scaffold also becomes a tribute to the historic show that has always been in these rooms "Terrae Motus" (a collection donated from Gianni Amelio to the museum after the devastating earthquake of Irpinia in 1980 ) which uses the scaffold as a symbol of the displacement in new spaces of this exhibition.

among the artists participating in this historic exhibition :Josept Beuys, Andy Warhol ,Keith Haring,Robert Rauschenberg,Michelangelo Pistoletto,Jannis Kounellis,Christian Boltanski,Richard Long and many more.

go and check http://www.reggiadicasertaunofficial.it/it/reggia/terrae-motus/

Today in Berlin @urbannationberlin with @instagrafite BOOOOOOMMMM!

LONDON is about details ..

BERLIN 2017 "Kotbusertor" for @urbannationberlin . Pic by the almighty @elephantinberlin
it was great to have the opportunity to paint this fantastic wall overlooking the U2 . the metro lines represent the backbone of modern cities and the work of many contemporary muralists loo

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