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Yesterday felt pretty good. I was able to get a decent start on some new busts for the @elorahandmademarket. This is what 8 hours without the toddler can look like! And on that note, I was able to pick up a few extra daycare days for the next 3 months.πŸ™ŒπŸ†πŸŽ‰ It's only temporary but it's going to make a world of difference! Feeling much better about the October 28th deadline and ready to say "see you #inthebarn!" (Note: My fear of not having enough time is due to the fact that I'm starting from zero stock again for this show!)

The time has come to start putting every fibre of my being towards restocking for two fall shows. That means, that once again, the pet portraits need to go on the back burner. I've been having some serious struggles balancing work and mom life, and I'm trying to reevaluate all that I am doing.
2019 might mean even less shows, extreamly limited pet portraits and animal busts, or pulling out of stores. I'm sure things will become easier once the toddler starts going to school full time, but right now the reality is that 2 days a week (8-9 days a month) is not sufficient for me to do everything that I wish I could be doing.
I appreciate all of you so much and feel so greatful that people actually love what I do. I just ask for your continued understanding while I navigate the #makermom lifestyle. ❀

Guelph Arts Council is holding an exhibition for a few of the award winners from Art on the Street. Our work will be on display at 10C Shared Space for the month of August. Once again, I am so pleased to have received the honourable mention prize, and I hope to go bigger and better with my work for next year!
The Moon is sold and on loan for this show, but the others are available for sale.
@guelpharts @10carden @neurons.and.nebulas @laurieskantzos @s.koreysteckle and Monika Hauck

Back from a family vacation up in Huntsville. Most of it was spent juggling activities (visiting with Grandma and Grandpa, Santa's Village, petting zoos, train rides and boat rides) with nap times that just seemed to take a major chunk out of the day. I guess vacations are easier when kids are slightly older?
I loved this dramatic moment near sunset when the light was hitting only this section of land. And on our last night we were treated to one of those huge cottage country thunderstorms that I remember from childhood.
Now back to sculpting and sewing... but maybe that can wait till Tuesday. πŸ˜‰

A different mounting technique than past pet portriats. This client wanted Charlotte and Jezebel together on a larger piece of walnut with lots of character. He was very concerned with the wood having just as much meaning and sentimentality as the portraits of his wife's beloved cats. I hope she is pleasantly surprised with this anniversary gift (which I managed to finish just in time!) ❀
P.s. It's difficult to photograph these high contrast kitties!!

Finished a framed heart order last week. Now finishing up another heart and a brain. Stay tuned for news about an exhibition in August, that will showcase some of the award winners from Art on the Street. πŸ†πŸŽ¨ #AOTS2018

Shhh, don't tell all my cat clients, but I think I might be a little better at sculpting dogs! This pup was to be a surprise belated wedding gift from a friend. Cut to 9 months later and I finally got a chance to make it. Early anniversary gift? In any case, I'm happy with how this one turned out and hope the happy couple will love it. Scroll through to see the real Jesse. Such a beautiful dog!

I must admit, updating my Etsy shop is the lowest item on my list of priorities. Heck the uterus isn't even on there! However, if you are interested in a brooch or magnet, and can't make it to one of the stores who carry them (@thehandmadeden or @meetyourmakergallery,) I am always happy to do private sales. These 3 are being picked up this week, but I can also very easily ship them. βœ‰β€πŸ”¬

FINALLY getting some of the pets painted. 3 in the painting stage, 4 being sculpted, 10 not started, plus mystery number for 5 people that I told will have to wait. #itookontoomuch #learntmylesson #summerofpets

Stitching up another brain (here is the backside.) Sipping on a beer to stay cool (but not really hydrated?) Toddler is back to having decent naps in her crib like a good little kid. And the sky finally just exploded with a thunderstorm. #notabadmonday #itismondayright?

We love this kid so much. I could write volumes about why we think she is so amazing, but the bottom line is that she is super intelligent, witty, cheeky and sweet. Happy bithday, Goose. πŸ’•

Our baby turns two tomorrow! Last year I made her a crown, this year a brooch. Partly because she always shows interest in trying wear my science themed ones, and partly because I know she won't keep a hat on. (And also because I ran out of time for anything more elaborate.)
When I ask what her favourite colours are she says "gween an ornege," so we're having green and orange party decor... with some teal cause my artistic eye can't handle the other two on their own. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ

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