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Neurons and Nebulas  Science Inspired Arts and Crafts by Lauren Wright Vartanian *Pet commissions closed* Etsy MIC: May 5 (Waterloo) May 26 (Guelph) AOTS: June 23

When you ask your woodworking friend for a new display box using specific dimensions and extra little bits so you can fiddle around to make it resemble a golden rectangle. Thank you, Brent from @rightforyouwoodworking. It turned out great. This will help me organize all my brooches, magnets and buttons at markets. #professionalism #notexactbutcloseenough 👌

I am always humbled by requests like this custom brooch for @themamalola. She asked me if I could make her a uterus brooch that she could wear to bring awareness to her condition. She has a large cyst (endometrioma) on her left ovary which causes her a great deal of pain. I was honoured to make this for her.
I've heard stories from so many women who live with pain daily and count my blessings. I used to have very strong cramps that would make me double over and feel nauseous, but they still didn't seem to sound like what other women experience. After having a baby, menstrual cramps felt like flashbacks to labour pain, where again, I was lucky to "have it easy" with no back labour. I've had an IUD for about a year and a half now and my periods (and for the most part, the cramps) have stopped. Something that is nice, but also slightly unsettling for me.
I was surprised with how popular this design is, not only with midwives, but a lot of women... but now it makes perfect sense. It's a very powerful, practically magical, organ and women are strong as all hell for housing it.

New moon design. The last one was a little too subtle. Got too many "and what's this one?" inquires. What do you think? Does it look lunar?
Etsy MIC x2 (Waterloo and Guelph) are coming up faster than I'd like, but I think I'll have enough felt things to get me through the first event. May 5th and May 26th @etsywr and @etsyguelphwellington

Toothfairy circle. I have 10 of these little pillows made for @etsywr Etsy Made in Canada Spring Show. Come find them May 5th, RIM Park, Waterloo. Here's hoping we have actual spring weather by then.

I don't repost often, but my brooches made it into the Stratford news paper 😊. If you're able to check out the opening of Pixel Dreams: The Art of Gaming at @meetyourmakergallery tomorrow night, they will have free pizza, craft beer, and a little retro gaming competition with prizes!
The exhibition features art from people across Ontario, BC, and the States, as well as a sort of museum of vintage consoles and gaming paraphernalia (Nintendo Power Glove!)
You can read the whole article over at the Stratford Beacon Herald website. Just look for this image/article under Entertainment.

These five little buttons were donated to the @guelphgumballpress vending machine. They asked the local artist and maker community for small items to fill it with. The response was so great that there was overflow! So, this will be set up at tonight's @guelphnightmarket, AND at the @kazooprintexpo on Saturday. Toss in a toonie and receive a sweet surprise! All proceeds this round go to @girlsrockcampguelph.

Super special edition Super Mario World inspired felt brooches. Available exclusively at Meet Your Maker Gallery. I made these specifically for their upcoming show Pixel Dreams, opening this Saturday April 14th. (I'm stressing their one-time-only-ness cause I don't think I'll make these ever again.) So go grab them from @meetyourmakergallery in Stratford, ON. It's a really REALLY cool shop/gallery and I'm excited to work with them in the future.

These five little critters are complete and ready to be mounted on their plaques. They are guarunteed to make it to my first market of the year, @etsywr Etsy Made In Canada Spring Show, May 5th at RIM Park in Waterloo.

I will make an honest attempt to make one more fox and rabbit... but no promises. #timeconsuming and #runningoutoftime

And now for something completely different. My friend @soviut asked me to do this commission ages ago. I finally got around to it thanks to an extra push. While it's technically sold, it will be on display at @meetyourmakergallery in Stratford, as part of their upcoming show Pixel Dreams. It opens April 14th. Go check it out for all your video game nerdy needs! .
(Eventually I will have my regular stock in their shop... I'm just still working on it.)

I've been meaning to make a plant cell since day one. Today, it finally came to fruition. This little diagrammatic brooch will be available for the first time at @etsywr Made In Canada Spring Show. May 5th. RIM Park in Waterloo. 🌱

Large scale heart! I plan to put this in a simple shadow box frame. Debuting at the @etsywr Etsy Made In Canada Spring Show, May 5th at RIM Park. (See also, large scale brain!)

So I sort of fell off the #marchmeetthemaker wagon for a few days there, but with today's prompt being "organised", I guess this is an okay place to jump back in. I'm spending every moment I can building stock for my first Market, and hope to have a few more of these toothfairy pillows ready. Organisation is key in managing my time between restock and commissions.... and that toddler who's kicking around. .
First Market is @etsywr Made In Canada Spring Show, May 5th.

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