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{ april } 

:: “to read a book was to practice an unnatural process of thought, one that demanded sustained, unbroken attention to a single static object. It required readers to place themselves in the still point of the turning world.” ~ {The lost art of reading}. always seeking the still points in my life, a place of deep delight and sustenance. ::

:: “let silence take you to the core of life.” ~ {Rumi} ::

:: “reading is a contented, sensuous occupation whose intensity and rhythm are agreed upon between the reader and the chosen book.” ~ {Alberto Manguel} ::

:: the art of zen. perfected. ::

:: “ everything was waiting to give way - to buckle and rise transformed into something else, something yet unseen, some new way of being in the world” ~ {the weight of ink}.

:: do you ever have a novel that you’re waiting for the perfect moment to begin? I’m in this state of anticipation with this beauty. I’ve heard so much about this story that I want to make sure I can devote a good afternoon to beginning, let myself fall deeply into the story...soon, very soon! and the cover? oh my, to gaze with that deep satisfaction of appreciation! ::

:: Ireland. abandoned castle. gorgeous library. handsome & brooding viscount. feisty heroine. enveloped in a mystery generations old. I’m only a few chapters in, is it to early to declare this quite possibly one of my all time favorites? maybe, yet I’m keeping my fingers crossed! ::

:: “...so peril, loneliness, an uncertain future, are not oppressive evils, so long as the faculties are employed; so long, especially, as Liberty lends us her wings, and Hope guides us by her star.” ~ {Villette} :: for the love of Charlotte Bronte. enchanted. lost in the exquisite world of her words. ::

:: “Every part of a book was magic, but what she delighted in most were the words themselves. Lillian’s mother collected exquisite phrases and complicated rhythms, descriptions that undulated across a page like cake batter pouring into a pan, read aloud to put words in the air, where she could hear as well as see them. “ ~ {Erica Bauermeister} ::

:: “inside everyone is a great shout of joy waiting to be born” ~ {David Whyte}. I appreciate and find myself in constant awe of the many ways you, my friends here in this little space express your “great shouts of joy”...I am grateful for the many many ways my heart finds inspiration and happiness here. thank you ❤️ ::

:: a story that will linger long in my heart ~ just what I needed ::

:: ~ oh, hello February ~ ::

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