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Happy birthday @carbigs ❤️ Such a kind and loving soul. Im thankful you are in my life✨ Thank you and your family for always making us home cooked meals and making us feel at home!!! Happy Birthday Carson!!!! #cutiepie picture 2 is my favorite! #babypictures #adorable #babylove

F R I D A Y 👁

Therapists @neyo x @therealmaryjblige x #nessaonair #nessa3to7 😊🤗😄 Entire interview @hot97 .com @nessaonair .com #love #cry #therapy

#AGoodMan out now! @NeYo talking about his new single, album, and makes it clear that he did not make his ex tie her tubes. #nessaonair #nessa3to7



Miss you baby girl Knysna(even though you give Uncle @kaepernick7 more attention than me 😩), Lani @jaidybaby @e_reid35 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

❤️ Happy Friday ❤️ #weekend 💃🏽

🐍 ❤️ RP @yourrightscamp - @kobebryant reacts to @kaepernick7’s protest ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏿
[Part 2] full video on our Facebook page: @yourrightscamp #knowyourrightscamp #imwithkap #10for10

❤️ Yes!!! @kobebryant @yourrightscamp - @kobebryant reacts to @kaepernick7’s protest ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏿
[Part 1] full video on our Facebook page: @yourrightscamp #knowyourrightscamp #imwithkap #10for10

Sending Love and Light Everywhere ❤️❤️❤️ RP @kaepernick7 As I reflect back on the completion of my #MillionDollarPledge, I am proud to have completed it, however, I also realize how much more work there is to do in our fight for Social Justice. Donating $1,000,000 to these 37 organizations was a way for me to actively help those helping to better our communities. My donations went to local organizations such as Assata’s Daughters - a grassroots intergenerational collective of Black women protesting against police violence, United We Dream - the largest youth-led organization fighting for Immigrant rights and International causes such as the Somalia Famine Relief fund. All worthy organizations and great causes that all need our attention. Thank you all for all your hard work and commitment. I realize that this work can be challenging and trying at times - however, we must never give up and we must continue to strive and move our communities forward. No matter what.
In addition to the actual monetary donation, I was hoping to use my platform to highlight some of these organizations doing amazing work in our communities and to let each of you know that you can help too! If we all do a little, we can do a lot! Donate what you can - that doesn’t just mean money. Many of these groups can use volunteers and mentors. You can donate time, perhaps our most precious commodity.
The #MillionDollarPledge was never for me, or about me - it has, and always will continue to be for, and about the people. Perhaps what I've learned most is that we can all enact change. Please head over to Kaepernick7.com to learn more about all of these amazing organizations as well as to see how you can help. We have work to do, and the only way to get it done is if we all work together. Power to the People!

Love this photo!!!! @e_reid35 @jaidybaby baby girl Knysna loves Uncle Colin and gives me no attention 😩 one of my fav photos @kaepernick7 @e_reid35 @jaidybaby #happybaby #lookatthatsmile

My favorite picture @kaepernick7 @e_reid35 #brotherhood is special ❤️ Tag your brothers and sisters and let them know they make ya smile 📸 @maddeezy @footcandles @yourrightscamp

Light and Love Happy Birthday #bobmarley tag someone that brings you happiness and love from the soul. #hbd 💫

Always be my little cuzzy forever. Happy Birthday @remo94k ❤️ Lots of burgers from the burger spot and my mom wouldn’t let us order extra cheese because it was “too much extra money” but she would cut up some cheese at home to put on it so we wouldn’t spend an extra 15cents. Lots of waffle boxes at the crib used as drawers 😩...lots of smiles, cries and heartbreaks. I really want you to know you will always be my little cuzzy. Picture 2 is special

I love @jaidybaby sooooo much!!! I can’t deal 😩😩😩 Jaid bring the girls to visit!!!! We miss you all!!!! #knysna #lani come back ❤️

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the greatest sister I can ever ask for in this and every lifetime. What have I done in my life to deserve her sisterhood? Whatever it is, THANK GOODNESS because Katrina is the one. Ok enough mushiness because Katrina doesn’t like it 😩😩😩😩 wish my incredible sister a happy birthday!!!! Love you forever!!! #hbd #birthdaygirl 🎂

Only football anything we acknowledge today, is @kaepernick7 . Thank Goodness my family gets it! Trust me when I tell you there is no between. What side of history are you on 🤷🏽‍♀️ Love to my family @mightykatrinab @djtonedef our nephews Mase and Devin #kaepernicking ! #imwithkap #nokapnonfl #nokapnofootball #kaepernick the truth. #boycottnfl

Happy Birthday to my loving, selfless, and genuine sunshine @cheynarey . She brings light and happiness to everyone she meets and I am just lucky she is in my life. Thank you Mocha for loving me and reminding me to not be so hard on myself. Thank you for the years of love and happiness. I love you always!!! Oh ya, Mocha is single, educated, an author, incredible daughter, loving sister and kindest soul you will ever meet. Hit her up!!! 🎂 oh ya this is one of my fav PIX’s of her 😊

Our sister @ava 👌🏽 her caption is perfect. ‪Same energy then, same energy now. #nokapnonfl #nokapnofootball #imwithkap

I cried hearing this. @e_reid35 is the greatest brother anyone could ever ask for. A warrior, a man of integrity, an incredible father and loving husband. Honestly, I could go on and on about how loyal of a brother Eric has been to not only Colin, but also for myself. I love your wife @jaidybaby to a bazillion pieces and I literally would be empty without your kids in our life. I can never thank you enough for staying loyal and honest during the hardest of times. Even when it wasn’t popular you loved Colin and defended the truth. When you could have walked away and left Colin, you didn’t. Thank YOU for being on the right side of history and ALWAYS speaking the truth. I love y’all!

RP @kaepernick7 Where do I even start on this next brother joining the #milliondollarpledge #10for10 #encore The best in the league, a hard working father and husband who speaks truth. You may know him as an incredible elite athlete @e_reid35 (who had an amazing season by the way) I know him as my brother and the first person to have my back when I first began kneeling. Eric seeks the truth and will continue to fight for it even when others decide not to. He has been my family since the start and I am lucky to have him as my brother. Eric donated $50,000 to Know Your Rights Camp which focuses on raising awareness on higher education, self empowerment, and instructions to properly interact with law enforcement. Eric doesn’t just donate, he also attends the camp and helps the youth. A man of his word and action, I am proud to call you my brother.

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