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Nessa  Just our moments. Mine, his and the littles. Celebrating the great ones. Documenting the not so good... so we can laugh later.

Chess and Frosties while we wait for a prospective buyers to look around our house. #checkmate #frosties

We have front row seats to some real Tonka trucks in action! #newtenniscourts

When you get the trifecta nap... Why is it always in the car, 15 minutes before we have to pick big sister from school?!? #neverhappensathome

This is fruity pebbles with chia seeds. My husband's way of making his favorite cereal "healthy". It's now Theo's favorite, he likes his with extra seeds because, 'they're poppy in my teeth!"

My hubby needs a bigger lap! #storytime #takingturns #myview

Sunshine and cupcakes! #winning

Reading to his little sister before bed... #theo #bedtime

I thought donating all the baby things would make me sad when the time came. Nope. Looking at old baby pictures makes me sad. #toobig Getting rid of piles and piles of baby gear makes me crazy excited. That swing was Eva's sleeping place of choice for her first few months... four babies later and it still works like a champ! #cleartheclutter #lastbaby #bixsix

Cause and effect game is strong.

Power tools and cardboard boxes for the win. #borednomore

My people. Everyone was looking and smiling until the goat behind Michael started pooping... #pettingzoofun

"I would have neater handwriting if we started with the pretty stuff first mom!". #cursiveisnotdead #secondgrade

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