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Nessa  Just our moments. Mine, his and the littles. Celebrating the great ones. Documenting the not so good... I am sure we will laugh later.

I snuggled my great-niece today and she's is the most perfect thing in this world. #firstdayhere

Adding human napkin to my resume. Also on third "outfit" of the day and it's 10am. #momlife

Dipping her quesadilla in queso is "scrumdillauptus" #likeaboss #girlsdate

Checking all the Dayton-ish things off our lists! #bixsixsummer2018 #moveinaweek #BixsixCbusPt2

Saturday morning snuggles. #bixsix #bixsixsummer2018

Sometimes the universe puts people right in your path when you need them. We had been carrying around a home printed version of this sign that was only up to date as far as Theo due date. I dreamed of making it complete and making it big. Thank you @colviecreations for this treasure and making my dream a reality. It's even more special knowing the creator as a friend. Getting ready to pack this baby safety up. #donttrustthemovers ❤️💕 #bixsix #innumbers

Spent the evening with this little lady. #forestfairy

She told me that summer was her favorite. I said, of course. The pool, the sun, picnics and lots of ice cream. She knodded and said, "yeah, all of that, and being home with you mom." #evasays #myheart #summertime

I may be behind in all things right now, like laundry and packing... The kids went to the pool, so that's like a bath right? #newhobby #watercolor

Just a few minutes ago all four kiddos we're crying. So I gave them cookies and showed them a slideshow of pictures of them selves and they gave them names. This one is called "Right Before She Smacked into Herself in the Mirror" #funhouse #crazyhouse #isitbedtimeyet #daddysatwork #momwin

I haven't had a hobby in a very long time. I have no idea what I am doing but it feels good to do something for no reason other than, "because I want to.". #stretching #newhobbymaybe #watercolornewbie

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