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Nessa  Just our moments. Mine, his and the littles. Celebrating the great ones. Documenting the not so good... so we can laugh later.

Mommy and daughter date to see Beauty and the Beast. Be still my heart - when did Eva get so big? She leaned over during the movie and said, "mom I am so glad we came, and they kept the music right in this version.." 😆🎼🎵

Finally baby girl has decided I can eat my go-to breakfast. It's been way too long eggs - have missed you. And TJ's chili lime seasoning is SO GOOD! 🥚🍳🌿
#25weeks #softboiledegg #greensmoothie #drinkyourgreens #baby4

Ok I am not a makeup person. I own one eyeshadow quad. But I have to share this stuff. It's Boy Brow from Glossier. I have it on one eyebrow and not the other. You just comb it it, seriously. That's it. It's amazing. Swipe and swipe and done. I wear the shade blonde. There is a link in my profile for 20% off your order of you want. I think I get a coupon if you use it. If not, I am sure you can find the same promo online somewhere. I have their concealer too and it good, but this BROW STUFF IS AMAZING!

Surviving. Netflix and frozen yogurts for the kids in recovery. Broth and ice water for me and Eva. This mom didn't make it out of this one. So glad Michael gets back tomorrow from his trip. This has been one rough week. #😷 #stomachflu #soloparenting #day6

Now it is the girls turn. We are camping out in the living room watching PBS show on how babies grow. #sick😷 #skipmeplease

He has one heck of a gastro bug. It's been a messy night and day, as you can imagine. I was tucking him in tonight and he said, "I love you momma, thanks for helping me poop today. Might not be a quote I'd frame, but it one that me warm and fuzzy anyway. #thismomlife #hecallsmemomma #💓

Their daddy had to work really really late tonight, so to pass the time we built a mountain with all the randomness they could find to hide behind and surprise him. #hewontnoticethepile #latenight #makeitfun

I am nesting like a crazy person. Since I don't decorate or shop, I declutter. I asked the kids to help. They want to make room for their new baby. We have two laundry baskets full of toys in the car, and the kids would like to name the baby Rhonda Rapunzel Baby... Unless they regroup and come up with something better, they are vetoed. #declutteringspree #nesting

A morning coffee date with a friend, no kiddos, and being dropped off by my hubby early so I could just sit and read... #splendid #morningcoffee #myhusbandisthebest

Sleep has been a bit of a struggle for one little lady lately, but waking up with this sweet face is anything but... #onlylittleforalittle #momlife

When I catch them playing together, in age order, it makes my heart doubly happy. 1⃣2⃣3⃣. Coming to the end of my hubby's 140+ work week and I am so thankful for sunshine and Valentine's candy being 75% off. 🙌

The two bigs were sick all afternoon and are both asleep at 4:30... this one is now saying, "my head heavy mama." . and their daddy is out of town until Monday -he left super early Thursday. #pleaseskipme #iwantwine #settlingforcandy

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