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Nessa  Just our moments. Mine, his and the littles. Celebrating the great ones. Documenting the not so good... I am sure we will laugh later.

Running head on into the crud and viral season in pure Theo fashion. 100% all in. #asthmaisnojoke

He looks giant tonight. #slowdown #6goingon16

This solution to our itty-bitty kitchen is one of my very favorite things. So pretty and so convenient. Thank you @gneissspice !!! #smallhouseliving #tinykitchen #spicerack

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Helena, you are kind, brave, full of passion and you have a fire inside you to follow your head and especially to follow your heart. Today of all days, I feel the huge responsibility: to guide you but let you lead, to teach you but to let you learn yourself, to give you direction but let you have freedom, to be aware but let you be brave, to protect you but let you love freely, to be kind but to never loose your fire. The world needs you and I will do my best to make this world worthy as long as I live. Happiest Birthday! #happybirthday #raisingdaughters #ourfuture

Closing day. Seemed so far away a few months ago. The place where we welcomed home two babies and had many days of love and milestones. Good bye Collingwood. Welcome home new family. #oakwoodlove #movingon #muchlove

Lately, whenever she's sad, a game of "Stick-out Your Tongue" never fails to get a smile. #tonguesarefunny #the4thbabybix

Her favorite day of the week. #tapdance #ballet #tinydancer

The last time I was exploring here I only had a toddler and a preschooler. #bixsix #BixsixCbusPt2

Jules and her "baba" - the lovie bunny. It took me a few too many minutes to figure out that bunny was now a favorite. (Imagine middle of the night screaming for baba that was way under the dressers, and me trying all the things on the dresser instead.) Ms. Ashley, in case you ever wondered, she loves her bunny. 😆 @ashleylukeninteriors #buyingabackuptoday #lovies

I caught her, with chocolate on her face. She moved a chair to climb and reach the M&M stash. Giving me the lip and puppy eyes, all while shoving candy in her mouth as fast as she could... #trouble

First day of school! Eva headed off to 3rd grade and Theo to kindergarten! They were both nervous starting a new school but had an amazing first day! #firstdayofschool #bixsix #BixsixCbusPt2
And as a side note:. So weird to be taking "first day" photos in the spot where I took Eva's first day ever of preschool. It is like the twilight zone moving back to a place you lived but never thought you'd be back to...

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