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Y'all seen my new YouTube video? Link on my bio 💋

#TeamLookSexyWithClothesOn don't mind the hips though, I'm not trying to sell myself short. I'm on social media for business and to make friends, not date.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, whoever told you otherwise LIED

Rock that all white, when I'm feelin' Godly😇

& it could have been any of US! Someone made a statement saying "these people died because they were poor" and it's the truth. The British welfare system has failed these families. And to hear that £8million was spent renovating the exterior look of the building so the rich folks opposite could be pleased?! But you couldn't fit sprinklers or better yet a fire alarm system? Appalling! These residents have been complaining for yeaaaarrrrrsssss! Imagine escaping the fire with your children and looking back to find one or two missing? Imagine losing your partner in the midst. I'm picturing the mothers that died with their children in their arms. I just can't. A young couple from Italy called their families back home to tell them they were going to heaven! Imagine. I cannot deal. The system has failed us, politics is just a game for the rich. It's called monopoly. I'm just thinking about the minorities in that building who came to this country for a better life😢 I just can't. Take the wheel Jesus, heaven is for real! People have lost their homes, family units, support systems, motivators. Are they even going to recover the bodies burnt in the building? Because I doubt the firefighters are going to risk their lives. The first 24 hours was when they could have found even one living soul. It's been well over. Honestly praying for everyone affected. My heart aches. Anyway you can, please help. PS, probably a good time to get all your home appliances PAT tested. #grenfelltower

Ecclesiastes 1:9-10
"What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there a thing of which it is said, “See, this is new”? It has been already in the ages before us." 11/06/15🙏🏽 Merciful God🙏🏽 #daddyoflife #bestie

& these friends I consider my family👍🏽 let's not mistake busy-ness for productivity. Some people stay busy...🌴

Hey guys! I need your help to mobilise 100,000 people to: (1) wear something yellow on #YellowSunday (Sat 18/06/17); (2) share their yellow outfit on social media to spread awareness (hashtag #YELLOWSUNDAY
(3) donate at least £10; $10 or €10 each to help enable 1,000 Congolese women living in conflict and post-conflict zones to train as nurses.

Tuition fees for nursing in Congo is about $400 a year or $1, 200 for the whole 3 years course × 1, 000 [ therefore we are aiming to raise $1.2M!! We are doing this in aid of not only Congolese women but AFRICAN women! We are one!! Let's help our sisters!

To find out more and on how to donate visit SaveTheCongo's website. Link is on my bio x

#YellowSunday #Congo #RienSansLesFemmes #SavetheCongo #congolais #ambassador

When your story is not yet over! Whatever the case nor the situation. Don't give up on God, I promise you. The best is yet to come🙏🏽 @moisembiye my favourite album yet!! #winner #tembenayesu #heros

Freedom is being YOU, without anyone's permission. #unapologetic #thepassover

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