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VANESSA A  Bay Area/Sacramento Makeup Artist | Fashion| Fitness Mom of Emma+ 2 identical twin boys 💙💙📧

I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be 🦁 guess who’s becoming a certified personal trainer ? 👍 Yo girl 👆🏼oh but that’s only the beginning...... People always ask me for tips or to work out with me, so i mean why not ? 😜 btw I don’t have to look busted to throw it down at the gym.. yes I wear makeup, I’ll still kick 🍑 #8monthspostpartum #twinmama #personaltrainer

Someone’s a little too excited for his first haircut ! My boys got lined up today! 7months! #liamcarteraponte #identicaltwinboys #twinsies #boystwins #growingupgerber

A lot of people have been asking me how did I get my hair so long, and to be honest all I take are prenatal vitamins! They do wonders!! Wearing @amrezy highlight ! Contour using @kkwbeauty in medium

Me 7 months ago pregnant with twins vs NOW! I did get so many stretch marks from my pregnancy, so high waist leggings to the rescue ! 😜 incredible to think I had not one but TWO babies cooking in there! My come back game has not been easy at all. I’m still struggling with belly fat and loose skin that may just never go away 🤷🏻‍♀️mainly it’s because it’s been hard finding time to work out with 3 kids. I really haven’t been making time for myself and that is CRUCIAL.. really need to get better at that. I’m going to start a 30 day challenge of working out atleast 45 min every day, I’ll be posting a before and after pic of myself in 30 days! Check out my stories for my meals and workouts!

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When you can only feed one baby at the time 😆 babies loveeee these bottles, these guys are sooooo picky ! I’m shocked they accepted these new bottles @twistshakebaby , and as u can see Logan can’t wait for his turn 😂 you guys know me I like to keep it 💯, if I don’t like a product, I won’t even talk about it... but these bottles I love! .
20% off and free shipping over $25 with code nessbeaute20 .
Babies wearing @gerber white long sleeve onesies ! Seriously what they wear the most lol

#twistshakebaby #growingupgerber #momswithcameras #twinbump #twinsask #twinsies #twinpregnancy #moditwins #identicaltwinboys #anythigforbaby #momofmultiples #fitpregnancy #fitmoms #pregnantbelly #pregancy #momsunite #gemelos #gemelosidenticos #mamadegemelos

FULL glam on my babe by me @ness_beaute P•R•O•D•U•C•T•S using @farsalicare #unicornessence to prep the skin! Love this stuff! @benefitcosmetics Kabrow gel @lagirlcosmetics CONCEALER in “natural” to prep lid and UNDER EYE . @anastasiabeverlyhills foundation stick. EYESHADOWS are all @anastasiabeverlyhills #subculturepalette . LASHES @shophudabeauty @hudabeauty in “Scarlett” HIGHLIGHT @anastasiabeverlyhills #auroraglowkit LIPS are @maccosmetics stripdown @urbandecaycosmetics lipstick in ‘Naked ‘ and @shophudabeauty #lipstrobehudabeauty In SNOBBY . Sponge used is @realtechniques

Old Hollywood waves are IN right now 👑I do both, hair and makeup 💄 .
Makeup details -
EYES - @anastasiabeverlyhills #subculturepalette
GLOW- @anastasiabeverlyhills #auroraglowkit
LIPS- @gerardcosmetics mercury rising
FOUNDSTION- @shophudabeauty #fauxfilterfoundation

I can’t get over logans dork laugh! It’s soooooo cute !!!😂😭 .

#alfalfahair #lookatthoseteeth #identicaltwinboys #twinboys #growingupgerber #fashionandbabies #babiesofinstagram

Taking it back to 8 months pregnant with twins.. when guys would be like how u doing girl ? You bust out your belly like.... 😂 yes I know, I was huggeee ! Proud of this massive belly. It did grow my two big boys !

#pregnancyfashion #thebump #momswithcameras #twinbump #twinsask #twinsies #twinpregnancy #moditwins #identicaltwinboys #pregnantwithtwins #momofmultiples #3under2 #fitpregnancy #fitmoms #pregnantbelly #pregancy #momsunite #gemelos #gemelosidenticos #mamadegemelos #embarazada

Them boys!💙💙 Liam and 👉🏼 Logan. They are 20 pounds and almost 30 inches tall! Chubbs!! How did I get so lucky to get a set of these awesome boys? They’re so different yet so alike! They both have two bottom teeth now and they’re smiles are so adorable. They are fighting bronchiolitis at the moment 😩 but even then these guys are just extra chill! Is it just me or are boys easier ? My girl is so loving but she was always more demanding and full of SASS! #3under3 #identicaltwinboys #twinboys #lifewithtwinsplus1

I can’t believe she’s now 2! I guess the 3 under 2 hashtag no longer applies.. well I’m kinda happy about that ! 😜
So My mom had 5 kids all about 2 years apart and I asked her the other day mom how did you do it cuz I have 3 and I feel like I’m barely making it. She told me something that got me thinking.. she said “ well back in the day we didn’t have social media , life was simpler... we didn’t have that pressure u guys have nowadays to make everything look perfect” and it is so true. Nowadays we have Pinterest, Snapchat, instagram all of which only show the “best of us” perfectly clean homes, perfectly behaved children. It seems as if we’re constantly comparing ourselves and our kids to others because we have an unrealistic expectation. We see a kid same age as ours doing more advanced things and we feel like a failure because maybe we aren’t trying as hard as that mom. We see clean homes but we really don’t see what goes on in that home. So people, don’t let the looks fool you, we all live perfectly imperfect lives with our messy homes at times and our kids that throw tantrums for no apparent reason😩 !💙 #lifewithatoddlerandtwins

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