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VANESSA A  Latina |SF Makeup Artist | Fashion| Fitness Mom of Emma+ 2 identical twin boys 💙💙makeupmyheart06@yahoo.com📧

Those rolls, I can’t 😭 can u believe they’re only 3 months?! #identicaltwinboys

We have survived the first 3 months and let me say, it’s like a switch! Just like that and no more colicky babies! Things are getting easier around here. Yes I’m still busy, but it’s sooo much easier than newborn stage! My boys are huggge😍 they are wearing 9 month clothes! I don’t mean to brag, but these boys are the chillest little dudes. I mean I have enough on my plate, so they def make my life easier with their chill personalities ! #3under2 #LoganandLiam #wedemboyz #identicaltwinboys

I can't 😭 My identical twin boys are 2 1/2 months! They're growing like weeds! It's as if they knew I've been having a hard couple a days and they've just been straight chillin! Don't wanna jinx it, but last few days have been pretty chill. That's parenthood. Some days are magic and some days are all about survival mode😆 I can finally tell these two apart! Even though it is hard work with twins, it's also pretty amazing !They are so cool! Their bond is amazing! And I don't feel too bad about not picking em up ,because they have each other 💙💙 #identicaltwinboys #twiniversity #twinpregnancy #twinboys #twinbabies #growingupgerber #carters #momsunite #momofmultiples #moditwins #letthembelittle

Emma has been on another level lately! Can I just get my sweet lil ol Emma back? We go through these periods that last days/weeks at times where she is seriously so unbearable to please! Toddlers are such jerks sometimes. Yes I said it, because it's true. & if you claim your toddler is perfect and obedient, well then you deserve a friggin medal ! ALL TODDLERS can be jerks, I can't stand when parents act like their kids are perfect. It does not mean u love them any less! Idk if I should blame it on the teething because her last canine is coming in, a growth spurt, the babies coming home or my parenting! I know that I have to just love her through this but man parenting is HARD some days😫 I know I'm not the only one who feels this way! I guess I just have to realize it's all just a phase and learn how to laugh at the crazy, cuz my patience has been at an all time low lately. #imhereforubabygirl #rawparenting #rawmotherhood #welcomingterribletwos #bringiton #toddlersbelike #toddlerlife #3under2 #raisingtwins #identicaltwinboysu

Sunglasses are my life savers these days 😎 #Rawmotherhood #3under2

Over here with more babies than I can hold😝 lots of baby lovin goin on over here ! #identicaltwinboys #3under2

It's been two months since I had my twins via c section and I'm able to get back on my groove! I also love being able to include my 20 month old daughter. I had the twins in the stroller sleeping ! Days are EXTREMELY busy these days, but I always find a way to work out! I could make a million excuses" I had twins, I had my pregnancies really close together, I'm so busy , I had a c section" All valid reasons, but I choose to rise above them and get my butt to work out ! Funny story is I came up this same hill 1 day before giving birth to Emma ! 😅#csectionrecovery #2monthspostpartum #momsunite #momofmultiples #3under2 @fit_moms_of_ig @fitgirlvideos @fitpregnancy

3 babies, 1 mama ! Having twins and a toddler only 18 months apart has been one of the biggest challenges of my life. It is HARD! It can be so easy to get down on yourself and tell yourself that you aren't doing enough. But REALITY is, when I look at my babies, they look happy as can be! Tummies fed, cuddles had, that's all they ask for💙 don't beat yourself over the things you wish u could do, rather be happy with each moment u spent with them! This is my life now, hands extremely full and for now, we enjoy this precious yet exhausting phase 🌷 don't wanna jinx it but it finally feels like I'm getting SOMEWHAT of a routine

Trying to take a pic with a toddler be like... gotta embrace the chaos! 😄 love my Emma girl 🌷
#rawmotherhood #toddlersbelike #toddlerhood

These babies are getting too heavy to hold at the same time lol! I can seriously stare at these two all day and be mesmerized at how identical they are, it's so amazing! .
Life is busy around here! Struggling to get that one on one time with my babes, but I've been bathing them every single night and that's the time we bond one on one 💙💙 and they end up sleeping like 5 hours straight ! I can't help but feel like a total bad 🍑 mom after settling my babies and my Emma down 💪🏼

A little time to yourself is always good for you even if it's for a few minutes. Sometimes you just have to get yourself together, no matter how chaotic life is and how busy you are. YOU owe that to yourself. To be the best MOM, WIFE and PERSON. Take care of yourself for you, because only then will everyone around u get the best version of you 🌷 #6weekspostpartum #cesareanrecovery #lovewithin #respectyaself #twinmom

Getting out the house with twins and a toddler is hard ... what makes it even harder? Doing it in heels ! That is just the kind of person I am🌷
These days are long, hard, yet beautiful! I find myself hardly having any time for myself. Having 3 under 2 has proved to have quite some challenges ! The constant demand for attention! Luckily, all my kids are GREAT sleepers, they love their sleep like their mama 😝buttt the constant feedings, diaper changes.. not knowing who to tend too.. it can be so easy to feel so defeated and drained. And it is perfectly ok to admit that this parenting thing is really flippin hard ! We are literally In the thick of it all. But I keep reminding myself, this is merely just a phase.. that's all it is . A PHASE that'll pass by all that will remain are these moments spent with my children.. in the future all I'll have are these memories and I'll be looking back wishing I could have them this small again. So when I feel like I don't have any more to give, I just remind myself that and it makes me enjoy every minute of it !

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