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Nespresso  Acting with integrity, doing what's right than what's easy. Putting our heart in everything, so that's the small thing become the big things.

No matter where this week will take you. Start it with a #Nespresso. #nespressomorning

Start your weekend with a bite of paradise. Enjoy this Red Bean waffles served with an #IcedCoffee  #NespressoRecipe #RecipeOfTheDay #CoffeeLover #CoffeeTime

COOKING TIME: 15 minutes

INGREDIENTS: ▪ 4 x three 30g ice cubes ▪ 4 capsules of Roma (4 x 40 ml)
▪ 4 x 90 ml cold water.

For the recipe: ▪ 200 g flour ▪ 1 pinch salt ▪ 7 g baking soda ▪10 g granulated sugar ▪ 100 g milk ▪ 160 g water ▪ 400 g canned red beans, slightly drained.

▪ In a bowl, mix the flour, salt, baking soda and sugar. Add the milk and water and mix. ▪ Heat the mould over medium heat (we are using fish-shaped bungeoppangs). ▪ Oil all surfaces inside the mould and fill it one-third with batter. Place 1 tbsp. of red beans in the centre, then completely cover with batter to finish filling mould. Close the mould and cook about 3 minutes over heat. Turn the mould over, cook another 3 minutes. Turn one last time, open, cook for 30 seconds.
▪ Remove the waffles from the iron, enjoy hot. ▪ Serve with an iced coffee made with a Roma Espresso (40 ml): place 90 g of ice cubes in the glass, pour the hot coffee directly on top, then add 90 ml cold water.

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Just in time for the weekend! Enjoy this Green Tea Cherry Cheesecake with a Ristretto Decaffeinato #NespressoRecipe #RecipeOfTheDay #CoffeeLover #CoffeeTime

INGREDIENTS: 4 capsules of Ristretto Decaffeinato (4 x 40 ml)

For the whipped cream:
- 150 ml whole whipping or pouring cream - 1 vanilla bean

For the recipe:
• 8 g gelatine • 200 g whole-wheat digestive biscuits • 70 g small-flake (“quick”) oatmeal • 90 g melted butter • 300 ml whole pouring cream • 600 g cream cheese • 10 g green tea powder • 100 g granulated
• sugar • 1 can Amarena cherries in syrup
- Soak the gelatine in cold water.
- Crumble the biscuits in a blender and mix them with the oatmeal and melted butter. Butter a removable, 18cm-diameter mould and line the bottom with baking paper. Pour the mixture into the mould, press down with fingers to compact it and smooth the surface. Refrigerate. - Heat 50 ml of pouring cream in a saucepan, remove from heat and add the drained gelatine. Whip the remaining cream (for the recipe) into whipped cream, adding the sugar as soon as cream begins to stiffen. In a large bowl, pour the cream cheese, gelatine-cream mixture, green tea, and whisk together. Gently fold in the whipped cream.
- Place a layer of drained Amarena cherries in the mould, on top of the shortbread base, covering the base well. Pour the cream-cheese mixture onto the cherries, smoothing down well. Cover the mould with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight before unmoulding. Serve with the remaining cherries. - Whip the cream (for the whipped cream) with the vanilla bean seeds for the whipped cream topping. - Serve with an Espresso-style Ristretto Decaffeinato (40 ml) and top each cup with 1 tsp. vanilla whipped cream.

Enjoy your sunny summer days with good #NespressoMoments !#CoffeeTime #CoffeeLover

Refresh your weekend with this delicious #IcedCoffee. #NespressoOnIce #NespressoRecipe #RecipeOfTheDay #CoffeeLover #CoffeeTime INGREDIENTS : - 1 Nespresso Ristretto Decaffeinato capsule - 2 Nespresso ice cubes (30g) - 1 stick sugar (3g) PREPARATION : - Drop 3g of sugar in your glass - Extract the coffee on it (25ml) and stir - Pour the coffee on the ice cubes

Make this Pomelo Lemonade cocktail before the cooler weather comes through. #NespressoRecipe #RecipeOfTheDay #CoffeeLover #CoffeeTime

INGREDIENTS : ▪ capsule of Rosabaya de Colombia Grand Cru
▪ 2 cl / 0.7 oz of Grapefruit syrup
▪ 20 cl / 6.8 oz of lemonade (homemade pressed lemonjuice and ice)
▪ slice of grapefruit (decoration)
▪ crushed ice

MATERIALS :▪ shaker
▪ tall recipe glass (350 ml/12 oz)
▪ Ritual Recipe
▪ Shaker

PREPARATION : ▪ Place 2 spoons of crushed ice into the glass and pour the grapefruit syrup on top
▪ Add the lemonade
▪ Prepare the Rosabaya de Colombia Grand Cru in espresso (40 ml / 15 oz)
▪ Shake it in the skaker with some ice
▪ Pour the cold Rosabaya de Colombia Grand Cru on the lemonade with a spoon, be carefull not to mix the different layers to keep an impressive look! Use the slice of grapefruit to decorate the glass

Take refreshment to the beach this summer with our new travel mug. #IcedCoffee #Summer #Nespresso #NespressoOnIce

Guests to impress? Try this Cool Summer Iced coffee. #NespressoRecipe #RecipeOfTheDay #CoffeeLover #CoffeeTime

INGREDIENTS : ▪ capsules of Grand Cru Cosi
▪ leaves of fresh mint
▪ slice of orange
▪ teaspoons of sugar
▪ Crushed ice

MATERIALS : ▪ Ritual Recipe glass (350 ml)
▪ Shaker

PREPARATION : ▪ Cut the mint leaves and put all the ingredients in the shaker
▪ Shake until it is cold and serve in the Ritual Recipe glass on top of the crushed ice

Pouring coffee over ice – the first step for a perfect summer. #IcedCoffee #Summer #Nespresso #NespressoOnIce

Happy Friday ! Enjoy this delicious tropical Colada cocktail, a fruity coffee drink you gonna love it! #NespressoRecipe #RecipeOfTheDay #CoffeeLover #CoffeeTime

INGREDIENTS : ▪ scoops of vanilla cream
▪ 2cl / 0.7 oz lime juice
▪ 4cl / 1.5 oz coconut syrup
▪ 100ml / 0.4 oz pineapple juice
▪ capsules of Grand Cru Cosi
▪ ice cubes
▪ Coconut rasps

MATERIALS : ▪ Tall Recipe glass (350 ml / 12 oz)
▪ Mixer

PREPARATION : ▪ Put all the ingredients in the mixer/blender
▪ Mix them all together and poor in the glass

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