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Nerizza Darmayo  A hopping cat with unicorn heart and long ears, meow πŸ°πŸ’•

Cheers to the 2.889 days (365x8-31, if you ever weirdly wonder) of laughter and arguments and many ice creams with this man. Bear with me pal cause I think we still have a loooong way to go πŸ»πŸ°πŸ’• #MrDaymaker

Mau nulis caption untuk foto ini lalu bingung karena baru aja baca instagram post @cewekbanget.id

Dilansir dari @cewekbanget.id (layaknya media online masa kini yang hobi melansir) ternyata kangen dan rindu itu beda.

Kangen adalah rasa sedih kehilangan seseorang sedangkan rindu adalah rasa menginginkan seseorang secara mendalam.

Hmm.. Jadi harusnya ku kangen karena lama enggak liburan bareng atau rindu karena kepingin (dengan sangat mendalam) liburan bareng lagi? πŸ€”

Spread love as thick as you would nutella πŸ’›
Anw, we NEED #nutellaemoji ! Who else agree?

I love every part of you. Your move, your flaws, your color, down to every single lines that start to appear more as the clock turns, the way you age, the way you breath, the way I feel around you, the racing heartbeat and how you never realize you attracted more butterflies than what can be seen. Oh, I love you deep.

It's only weeks until @andhitazerlina is somebody's wife! Pacarku dari SMA diambil orang 😭
Kuliah bareng, satu jurusan, satu kelas each and every semester 😹seperjuangan di negri orang, berbagi barang-barang dan makanan buy 1 get 1 disana 😹Kemana-mana bareng, my satur(and every other day)date πŸ’• Yang kalo Jolinanya kambuh, bisa kesandung, kepeleset, kesiram atau nyiram orang (been there πŸ˜‡) tapi ndak papa ku terima, sudah biasa~ 🀣 Semoga Andre nggak sering-sering jetemu Jolina ya πŸ‘»
Ps: Kalo Andre jadi nyebelin ku masih terima kamu balik kok dhit.

Be so good you don't have to say anything about yourself πŸŒŠπŸ’•

Terakhir ke Bali, pergi bareng temen-temen, kita cuma punya sedikit waktu di sana. Benar-benar hanya butuh short getaway dari riweuhnya kerjaan. Udah mumet πŸ’†πŸ». Jadilah nggak banyak pantai yang bisa kita datangi. Tapi pantai yang satu ini rasanya cukup bikin saya ingat lagi kenapa saya jatuh cinta sama pantai setelah dicekokin macetnya Jakarta setiap hari dan liburan paling jauh cuma sempat ke Bandung πŸ˜…. The shades of blue and the sound of the wave softly wipes beautiful white sand, literally took my breath away for a good 3secs. Berjarak sekitar 1.5jam dari Kuta di daerah Selatan Bali (simply follow directions on your online map) ditambah beberapa ratus anak tangga menuju bibir pantai (worth every drop of your sweat!), Pantai Gunung Payung menyajikan hantaran pasir putih untuk bersantai dan ombak bersahabat untuk sekedar berenang menikmati air laut yang jernih. Trust me, you want to swim here, bring your suits!

Ps: Bungkus nasi bali dan dimakan di pinggir pantai (dan sampahnya dibawa lagi keatas dan dibuang pada tempatnya) bikin rasanya 3,5 kali lebih enak. It's science.

What a sight πŸ’•

327 stairs above sea level πŸŒŠπŸ’•

Sea-through 🌊

This view on my right kept me going down hundreds of stairs knowing the way back up would be hard. It was hard. But absolutely worth every drop of sweat and lasting sore feet πŸ’•
This is a have-to-go-to-work-tomorrow-when-everyone-is-on-vacation-lets-see-past-vacation-pics-to-cheer-up kind of post #wakemeupwhenfridayends

This little girl is turning one today! πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ’•
May your life be filled with laughter, happiness, glitters and rainbow. Stay bright Jewel πŸ’Žβœ¨

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