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Monday reading for the ones who dare ...

Monday’s are the best! Kick start it with something or someone you adore 🍄

#DearInstagramers who do this,

I’ve always considered myself an open nature kind of person, I have a team player spirit , love to give my time to helping others find themselves, their potential and lucky breaks, I love a good business opportunity too, a creative brain storm session and curating great things. I also have my favourite products, and I love trying out new stuff that - I have an interest in. A lot of which I follow already on Instagram and elsewhere.

What I do not like are people who follow then slyly strike up a conversation with me “acting” to care about something unrelated to their ultimatum, only to try to get me to SIGN-UP or BUY some shit.

Look, if you’re in business of a product or service just say that from the beginning. I respect hard work, I respect people who believe in what they do enough to say it out loud , not lurk around waiting for some time to sneak it in, in order to build a following or get more clients. That ain’t the way to do business.

Above all, it’s time wasting for me and you. So please, dear Instagramers who do this, you know yourselves, please don’t, be transparent with your purpose.

I recently viewed a speech made by @susandavid_phd where being positive and I quote “had become a new form of moral correctness,”

I can’t say I knew of her work in-depth before but she’s definitely struck a cord in my mind, and for a while I myself looked on as the idea of positively took on a form of its own without “dealing” with the circumstances we live in. The REAL world we live in .

From coaches to lifestyle gurus shoving down the ears of anyone they could on positivity and living their best life, filtering the sadness , the anger , the grief, as though we’re a Microsoft software - but many, even those even well-known, rarely offer any premise to “understanding“ these emotions before switching them off.

I’m glad I saw her post it was worth seeing and I highly recommend other’s to think about it.

Positivity shouldn’t lock out your humanness and all that makes you alive , and by alive I mean just that “not dead” but allow you to work within yourself and the people around you.

Whatcha looking at ? #weekendvibes

Have you ever had one of those days, scratch that one of those months where everything has fast forward ? Well, I’ve finally been able to catch my breath it seems over a lovely cup of lemongrass tea and this #blueberry cheesecake looks so good to me.


Never allow anyone to tell you:-

No, this isn’t for you

No, you should do something closer to your skill set

No, why waste your time

...and worst of all....
Stop dreaming.

Only YOU can decide what’s right for you, only YOU can decide what you’re capable of, only you can measure what’s your worth and only YOU can can make your own dreams.

Our favourite little fury friend #Ruby
Ever since Ruby’s come into our home , we laugh just a little bit louder, run-about where we once walked, cared less about keeping life perfect and had a bit more fun in the open air. So, thank you Ruby for messing things up for the better.

Hi I’m Ruby.

I’ve just been adopted by Nerissa, my human mom, at almost 2 months old. I’m a mix of Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever but I look a lot like a baby black bear.

Feeling a little playful today ☺️

Highlight the best of yourself today! 😘

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