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Adam Nergal Darski  Treści prezentowane na profilu mogą obrazić Twoje uczucia religijne i inne. Jeśli nie chcesz aby tak się stało, przestań mnie obserwować.

“White faces
White faces
Always haunt me so beautifully
Burning temples
Meditating churches
Always scare the white of the devil in me”

17 December 2010 I underwent a bone marrow transplant that basically saved my life. Thanks to good people and amazing work and dedication from Prof. Hellman, Dr. Piekarska and Sebastian Giebel my battle with leukemia ended with triumph. Today, December 17th I got this photo from Justyna Bigda, my friend and renown surgeon who was there at my darkest hour. That’s what left from the hematology building I spent almost 6 months of my life. I’ll take it as a good card and let this ruin be an ultimate symbol of a triumphant battle of life over death! Again, thanks to everyone concerned... your good wishing and energy means a lot!🖤🙌🤘IT FEELS GOOD TO BE ALIVE!

Another amazing fan art from @a.touch.of.evil !!!🙌

Just woke up with a big fuckin’ smole on my face... why? Coz the job we did this weekend was sooo done sooo damn well. Proud of myself and all the parts from @behemothofficial and the wolfpack. That’s the spirit my friends! With such an attitude we can bring this stage production to the stages of Europe and fuckin’ ANNIHILATE!🤛🤛🤛 But first... time to regroup, regenerate and decompress... @krzysztofza

Second edition of Merry Christless came to an end... but it was a big fuckin end in Wrocław! I wanted to send my deepest respect for our relentless crew who pulled it off which wasn’t easy. You did GREAT fuckin job!!! Friends and fans made these shows socially overwhelmed! And last but not least... we are beyond happy from the level of production we brought upon...! It was top notch production and a great test of whats to come in Europe in a couple of weeks... get ready!
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Wolves over Wroclaw !!

Merry Christless Gdańsk, another sold out and pretty fucking spectacular gig! And definitely a hang out of the year family, friends, colleagues I cannot thank enough for your support, passion and presence. Stay strong and hope to see you all sooner than later. Photos by mighty @oskarszramka

Well... hometown... Gdansk... what can I say? It was fuckin’ MINDBLOWING!!! It’s also the occasion to catch up with the loved ones. That guy to the right that looks like Chuck Norris is my papa Zenon and that hot Punky young lady is my mama, Irenka. And they made what stands between them... The coolest guys around, trust me❤️ photo by @oskarszramka

Gdansk, are you ready for divination?! @behemothofficial

Our unholy assembly, Merry Christless second edition kicked off in Warsaw last nite! Twas all bout music, freedom and friendships. It felt soooo good to see all your beautiful faces there! I mean it!🖤🙌

What a triumphant return of Polish death metal godz...after 25 years of hiatus. Imperator on stage at Merry Christless, Warsaw

It was a killer nite Warsaw. Luv u all. Now getting ugly for tmrw’s gig in Gdańsk...😉

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