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Mr. Walters  I'm a gentleman artist and amusing biped. Fill me with soda and fries!

We were finally able to bring Rhoda at @paperdollchicago her @chamacorp hoodie! Looking good girl!

Dropping off some plush at @toydejour , including a couple rare, show exclusives. Oh, and making sure I don't need anything ridiculous. 🤓

Photo op prop shop, a fun installation onto itself.

Hold on Tricky, I'll give you a boost.

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Had to go check out "Kings and Queens" at the Elmhurst Art Museum. It's a show featuring work of the Chicago Imagists next to antique pinball machines. Some of the machines are playable and the pairing with the works by folks like Gladys Nilsson, Karl Wirsum and Ed Paschke is so great! If you can, come see and play this show!

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Oh boy! The Mrs. Has brought home Fresh doughnuts from the @turanobread shop! Definitely a bonus of living a few blocks away from a giant bakery.

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Post post office trip coffee and doughnuts. It's important to get out now and again.

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I'm just going to hold on to this Fonzie scarf while I look around.

You can never go wrong with anthropomorphic ice cream folk.

While digging through some art files today, I can across the concept sketches I did when designing the packaging for this album from Istvan and His Imaginary Band. It was such a fun project to work on.

Just the same ol' same ol' I guess.