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Derp Queen👑  Partnered Twitch Streamer 🍷 🐣 🎬 @kinesisergo @humblebundle @betterhelp @intotheam

Thank you so much to everyone who supports my dream, accepts me for who I am and for always being there. A lot of support from so many people in many different forms, you will never know how much it means to me.

You da best 💜

Good morning ☕😴

#nationselfieday with my bestie

I can not wait to attend E3 next year! Just sharing some random pics from the event that I didn't share.
Stream today will be at 6pm PDT playing Beyond: Two Souls *Promise this is my last E3 post

Hanging out with these lovely people for #e32018 was amazing. I am still in awe of how incredible this week has been. Thank you so much @cyborgangell @bryandechart @theluckcharm for making this sureal experience that much better.

Dying Light 2 zombies #e32018

E3 is a surreal experience so far. It is the biggest gaming con I have ever been to. I have some pretty awesome people and have gone to pretty cool parties. I honestly can't thank you all enough for the amount of support you give when I go away to these conventions.
Thank you so so much and I am sorry in advance for the food of pics that will happen of my social media stories. I'm just overwhelmed with excitement.
You da best Derps 💜🍷

So much fun with my @theluckcharm :)

🎶I'm blue if I was green I would die 🎶

I'm about to get real for a min .. Lately I've been feeling pretty down and it's has been directly affecting my streams. I want to apologize for not being my best on twitch as of late and I'm going to take active measures to try to change that. Sometimes working 80 hours a week can take a toll on you. Thank you to the people who are always there no matter how I am. Who accept the good and the bad in me. Thank you for everything. *Alanis Morissette's song 'thank you' always pops in my head when I say thank you too many times*

I want to know, what are some of the things that make you happy ?

Pondering what Bronx is thinking

Can't thank you all enough for helping me with this journey. 💜🍷🎮

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