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Whoops!!! Do over!!! Updated email address!!! 😬
Yay!! Business Cards came in and I’m 1/4 way through my certification. Once I get that I will be able to actually run lab tests!! Super stoked to go down this new path!! Have you been struggling with your health? I can help!! #yourhealthinyourhands @eoswellblog #healthy #nutritionalhealthcoach #gethealthy

Had an awesome time with my sister and her lovely wife @beest735 in town over the weekend. I got to play tourist and go to #RipleysBelieveItOrNot, take a nice hike up by the #GriffithObservatory and thanks to my lovely boyfriend for helping me show them some great food places to eat at. Going to miss you both but we will see you in 3 weeks when we head off to #Cuba for our joint birthday celebrations!! 🤗

#Nestlé now owns #GardenofLife!! 🙅🏻‍♀️🚫😵 I can no longer in good conscience take, recommend or sell to anyone any Garden of Life vitamins, supplements, protein powders or bars. 👎🏻 I am completely disgusted 🤮 by them selling out to such an evil company. If you weren’t aware now you are. Nestlè acquired the company for $2.3 billion dollars 🤑 back in December and will most definitely change a well trusted brand the same way #TomsofMaine was changed when #Colgate acquired them. Give it a little time and watch as the ingredients will change from #organic to #GMO without any announcements to the people who have been buying GoF products for years. Even though I love their #proteinmeal and #proteinbars 🙅🏻‍♀️I refuse to give money to those companies that put money over health. We all have the chance to vote with our dollars every time we purchase anything. Stick to smaller brands and local businesses that still have their core values intact. It’s the best way for each of us to make a difference. At least that’s what I do... anyways Rant over!!

Sigh... A real let down of a movie if you ask me... and feel free to ask I’d be happy to rant all day about it 🤣🤣

Sunday Flowers in bloom!! 💐

#Repost @theofficialkahunakai
Superb job that they've done over at WB as always. With so many classics there are so many history here. Y'all definitely got to come and check it out before it's gone. This exhibition is super special because we are celebrating 95th Anniversary of one of the most successful studios in the world! From Casablanca to Superman the Movie to Lord of the Rings to Harry Potters to The Dark Knight to the Lego Movies to my personal favorite of alltime Wonder Woman and the most recent Ready Player One, the list goes on and on and on and on....🔥🔥🔥 You'll see everything from the amazing movie props to all the historical pieces from their classics. Go check it out @wbtourhollywood and and relive all the magic?!!✨✨✨🎥🎬

The Dark Knight Batman Suit!!!!!!!! 🦇 #wbstudiotour ##classicsmadehere #dweebnation #batman #tdk

Getting ready for the media preview of the Classics Made Here tour on the @wbpictures lot!!! #wbhollywoodtour #classicsmadehere #dweebnation

You made it through Monday... now it’s Tuesday!! Great job for waking up to another amazing day in your life!! 🤗#tuesdaymotivation #smile

#MondayMotivation... Be Awesome!!! The start of a new week with new possibilities. When we make small changes and stick toward achieving goals then whatever obstacles come in our way we are better equipped to deal with. The trick is to be consistent and persistent!! Go be awesome today even if it’s just being awesome at being you!!! #consistentandpersistent

If you haven’t seen #OrdinaryBatmanAdventures do a quick search!! They are hilarious and so worth your time!! #HappyEaster #Batman

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