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itty-bitty fetish artist  GIANTESS/FOOT FETISH and ART pics from my own work, the internet, and clips. 18+ only. Male, 39, in Tx, kooky and creative, hopeless romantic tiny😊

One thing that I fear in making fetish art is burning out; it can sometimes take some time to make edits, depending on the detail and complexity of them. So, one way that I help prevent that is practicing my comic fetish art. I tend to work on a comic that I've been piecing together since before I even started making collages: a kooky love story about an out of this world purple haired girl and an unknown superhero, who can shrink and divide himself. Lately though, I've become interested in redoing some of my favorite older images, stills, and b&w drawings from movies, cartoons, commercials, and b&w drawings and unfinished sketches from other fetish artists ( proper credit given of course). This one, I touched up from a still, from an animated early 80s film called, "Hey, Good Lookin' ". In this scene, one of the main characters named Crazy, takes a hullucinagen of some kind and apprears at the feet of a naked, blue haired giantess sitting on the floor. Very excited, Crazy tap dances all the way up her body. After taking some time to dance all over her breasts, he jumps up to her face. Wearing a completely weirded out expression, the giantess sticks out her tongue to support him, as he starts dancing the Charleston. It's a very brief scene, and I would love to see the whole thing touched up in this sort of way. I've always loved the comic work of gtstoons and Robert Crumb, and they're the ones who first inspired me try fetish comics. If I could make fetish art for a living, wow, what a labor of love that would be.

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The OG has absolutely gorgeous size 6.5 feet, the sort of pretty feet that a tiny can't resist. Here, she doesn't seem to mind if these microtinies moutainclimb and worship them. Most of the time that I depict larger girl tinies, they're having fun toying with the micros, but in this little fantasy, they can't help but join the wonderful experience of being at the feet of this gorgeous girl.
The OG has great galleries, plus a couple of others that are not fetish related but equally great, especially if you're a fellow pothead😁☁☁☁ Check out her awesome galleries, and make sure to join her backup as well.
For cutsoms and premades, go visit her website: www.ogfeet.com

#iggiantessedits #giantessfetish #giantess #tinies #tinypeople #miniaturepeople #microphilia #microphile #footfetish #footfetishmodel #fetishmodel #size6andahalffeet #footgoddess #footfetishgoddess #footfetishmodel

Ruth soft soles sits comfortably in her car, with her foot resting on the dashboard along comes a tiny woman, holding in her hand, teeny tiny little men., much MUCH smaller than both women, and eager to worship Ruth's foot, just out of her boots. To be honest, as much as I would love to be one of those micromen standing on the tiny woman's hand, if I were in this little scenario, I would be exploring Ruth's gigantic bootπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™.
Ruth has a lovely gallery, with several pics of her facing her BIG feet right at the camera, and sometimes while wearing shoes, showing that little shoesize symbol that always gets me. Pay her gallery a visit- she offers customs, Skype, and worn items. I must say, I've always wanted to make a set of edits showing tiny people exploring the shoes of an IG model. A nice well worn pair of her Toms would be perfect for such a set.πŸ’™πŸ‘ πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘£πŸ‘’πŸ‘‘πŸ’™ #iggiantessedits #giantessfetish #giantess #tinies #tinypeople #miniaturepeople #microphilia #microphile #footfetish #footfetishmodel #fetishmodel #size9feet #womenwithbigfeet #girlswithbigfeet #goddess #footgoddess #wornitems

Here's another scenario like the one before, but with a different giantess. Mistress Alex sees miniature people on her floor, and decides to pick up groups of them with just two gently pintched fingers. She then amusingly observes them as some fall onto her, while others desparately attempt to hang onto Mistress Alex's fimgertips with their dear little lives.
Just like Giantess Goddess JT, this beautiful model loves the role of the giantess, and has several wonder pics and collage material of her doing things like grabbing the viewer and steping on you with her massive size 12 feet.πŸ’™πŸ‘£πŸ’™ She is an absolutely stunning giantessπŸ’πŸ’ƒπŸ’ #iggiantessedits #giantessfetish #giantess #tinies #tinypeople #miniaturepeople #microphilia #microphile #fetishmodel #footfetish #footfetishmodel #goddess #sizefetish #bigfeet #womenwithbigfeet #girlswithbigfeet #size12feet #amazon #amazongoddess #amazonfootgoddess

Giantess Goddess JT notices something funny looking standing between her feet, and notices that it looks like a bug, it's as small as a bug, but that is no bug, it's a teeeny tiny man, trying to get her attention. He gets her attention alright, and experiences the thrill of getting pinched up by her enormous fingertips. The tiny grabs onto the Goddess's fingers, so small that he can feel her individual fingerprint ridges on the palms of his hands. He looks up to see the Goddess, way up there, actually looking right back at him as she reaches down; The Goddess loves miniature people, especially the ones who adore her and worship her. I hope this tiny realizes that he now belongs to her, and will do to him whatever she pleases. He better hope that she likes himπŸ˜πŸ’™. #iggiantessedits #giantessfetish #giantess #tinies #tinypeople #miniaturepeople #microphilia #microphile #footfetish #fetishmodel #footgoddess #bigfeet #size10feet #size10 #womenwithbigfeet #girlswithbigfeet #amazonfootgoddess #tallwomen #tallgirlfetish #6fttall

Giantess Goddess JT sits comfortably on her carpet, and sees gathering tinies so small that the carpet fibers are like thick bushes to them. They can't help but get a closer look at the her immense foot towering over them like a skyscraper. Some approach the Goddess' heel to touch it while others press themselves onto it with wide open arms and pure shrink fetish pleasure. She then notices a group of tinies slightly further away, and points to them as if to order them to get to work and start worshipping like good little tinies. I often depict the Goddess as mega HUGE, but at 6 feet tall, and with powerful, wide, broad, ENORMOUS size 10 feet, she's already an amazing giantess at normal size. She's both a glorious fantasy giantess, and a most stunning real life amazon. πŸ’πŸ’ƒπŸ’πŸ’™ #iggiantessedits #giantessfetish #giantess #tinies #tinypeople #miniaturepeople #microphilia #microphile #footfetish #footmodel #bigfeet #womenwithbigfeet #girlswithbigfeet #size10feet #size10 #amazonfootgoddess #amazon #amazongoddess #goddess

What you see here is someone experiencing a lifelong shrink fetish fantasy come to life, and I'm not just talking about the tiny. Miss Shylowe here, has a VERY strong shrink fetish, and for not long enough, once made some of the best videos and collage material that I've ever seen. She has, to me, an amazing ability of being someone from the giantess' perspective, but creating fantasies from the view of a tiny so well. I first found out about Miss Shylowe in Fetlife.com, where I just fell in love with her work and her way of describing her size fetish. She explained in her own words how she's had a fetish for interacting with, and keeping a collection of miniature people, as well as a boyfriend, who could shrink and grow back to normal as need be. She further explained in her bio that for as long as she can remember, she's had a size fetish, and one part of her bio really captured me: She described her size fetish as "very dear to my heart".πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ This particular edit depicts my roleplayed memory of when I met Dear Miss Shylowe online. We had a brief but wonderful conversation where she complimented my drawings of my comic giantess character, Shayna (she LOVED her platformsπŸ˜‚). She knew she was talking to a tiny, and we chatted, under the imagined understanding that she was gently holding me with her fingertips, while I "showered her with such compliments". This pic of Miss Shylowe is one of my favorites; just look at the way she's biting her lip; She is SO in the fantisized moment, and it seems very real to her. Miss Shylowe is truly a size fetishist, and is still to this day, my favorite giantess. She was the first person to ever call me "little one", and every time I'm called that, I think of Her.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™ What ever happened to Miss Shylowe? I'm not the stalking type, so I haven't obsessively searched for an explaination, but if anyone out there knows, do tell.
#iggiantessedits #giantessfetish #giantess #shrinkfetish #microphilia #microphile #tinies #tinypeople #miniaturepeople #footfetish #womenwithbigfeet #girlswithbigfeet #size9andahalffeet #conversefetish #goddess #footgoddess #fetishmodel #missshylowe

Miss Awesome enters a room and sees a crowd of teeny tiny people on the floor. They all look up at her in amazment with the sight of her absolutely towering over them like a sky scraper. Miss Awesome then notices all their little heads tilt down towards her shapely size 7.5 feet; at that point she can practically see tiny hearts bubbling from the crowd. She slowly approaches the tiny foot fetishists, and simply places her right foot near them. Within seconds, they gather and begin to explore her gigantic foot in pure size fetish fulfillment. I always like to pretend myself in the edits that I make, and as much as my first instinct would be to just plop onto the dorsum of Miss Awesome's foot (eyes closed and wearing a smileπŸ˜ŠπŸ’š), in this particular scenario, I like to imagine myself in the crawlspace, formed by the combined flexions of her green-polished toes, and slightly surfacing from beween her toes to try to get her to notice me way down there. At my size, I wonder if she'd be able to see my miniature hand waving "hi" to her.
Do check out Miss Awesome's gallery. I know this sounds corny, but the only way that I can describe her foot fetish modeling and photography is already in her name, AWESOME. Her sole/face shots are some of the best on IG, and I absolutely LOVE the way she slowly walks up to the camera in a couple of her vids; she SO much looks like a giantess approaching- the way she lifts her foot forward, revealing a quite impressive sole that could easily squish you like an ant, then stepping onto the floor, gripping it with her sexy, SEXY toes. Hehe, her foot gets so close sometimes, that it almost looks as if it's about to come out of the sceen and step on your face.πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ‘£πŸ’šπŸ’š #iggiantessedits #giantessfetish #giantess #shrinkingfetish #tinies #tinypeople #miniaturepeople #microphilia #microphile #footgoddess #footmodel #size7andahalf #footfetish #fetishmodel

Just something that I'm listening to while editing. This is another one of those flicks in which the soundtrack is just as good. What an awesome combo: crazed, brain-eating zombies, and punk rock! πŸŽΆβœŠπŸ’€πŸŽΆ There're a lot of youtube posts of this soundtrack, but the one with this title is the one that I prefer; it's the best quality in my opinion, and it starts with "Surfin' Dead" by The Cramps.

#returnofthelivingdead #punk #punkrock #zombies #zombie #eatbrains #horrormovies #sendmoreparamedics #sendmorecops

Here are some rough storyboards that I've used in the past, when working with models for collage material. They're not the best drawings in the world, but they were just to guide photography. 4 of them are sketches that were made for Cupcake, and one was for an amazing photo set from Queen Lexi. Cupcake is someone that I used to order sets from on an almost montly basis. She would check in with me every now and then, and I would send her descriptions, sample pics, and on occasion, sketches. We haven't worked together in a while, but that'll happen with college and two jobs.😬 I think she might be done with the whole picset for pay thing, which is a shame, but good fortune to her college career and life afterwards.
She left me TONS of great material, and I might use some for edits in the future, but I'm actually thinking of using the majority if it for my comic fetish art.
If any models out there would like to try out some of these shots, please do!

#iggiantessedits #giantessfetish #giantess #tinies #tinypeople #miniaturepeople #microphilia #microphile #footfetish #footmodel #fetishmodel #shoefetish #shoeworship

I couldn't just share one part from "Britnee's Poolside Crush", especially with such an amazing shot of this beautiful amazon. Enjoy, tinies and giantessesπŸ˜‰πŸ’™ #giantessfetish #giantess #tinies #tinypeople #miniaturepeople #microphilia #microphile #footfetish #footrub #solefetish #womenwithbigfeet #girlswithbigfeet #tallwomen #tallgirls #bigfeet #size11feet #size11 #amazon #amazonfootgoddess

From www.crushed-alive.com, here's a snip from a clip called, "Britnee's Poolside Crush". Britnee stands 5'11, wears a size 11 shoe, and apparently has a thing for keeping her tinies under her toesπŸ’™ Wow, in those HUGE platforms, she would be an entire ruler taller than I am!
#giantessfetish #giantess #tinies #tinypeople #miniaturepeople #microphile #microphilia #footfetish #footrub #solefetish #womenwithbigfeet #girlswithbigfeet #size11feet #bigfeet #tallwomen #tallgirls #amazon #amazonfootgoddess

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