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itty-bitty fetish artist  GIANTESS/FOOT FETISH and ART pics from my own work, the internet, and clips. 18+ only. Male, 39, single, kooky and creative, hopeless romantic tiny😊

Here you see the beautiful fetish model, V, meeting one of her tiny fans, who is ecstatic about this very moment. I think it would be pretty difficult to shake the hand of someone so teeny tiny, so might as well just pinch him up closer, it's not like he weighs much.πŸ˜‚ I've always wanted to be held like this by a beautiful woman. This is one lucky tiny!πŸ’™
V is an absolute goddess, stands 5'11", and her amazingly sexy size 11 feet are truly the feet of a giantess.
I loved this image of her so much, I made 3 versions of this edit. EnjoyπŸ’™

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For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to live in a girl's housplant, with a little house and everything, even an underground section inside the pot. Until I saw this beautiful pic of Ms. Tomorrow, it had never occured to me, why not an entire teeny tiny tree house village, connecting her plants with little rope bridges. This was tricky to make, and it really allowed for me to experiment on Photoshop like I never had before. Wow, Ms. Tomorrow is SUCH a beautiful giantess!πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ #iggiantessedits #giantess #giantessfetish #tinies #tinypeople #miniaturepeople #microphilia #microphile #americandomme #domme #fetishmodel #goddess

What a wonderful life it would be as one of Ms. Tomorrow's tiny. By the looks of this, she enjoys playing little games with them. This must be quite a physical challenge for tinies: climbing up her fishnet stockings at the size of a bug. It would be so easy for her to make that journey VERY challenging for them, with just an ankle movment, or a flick of her giant finger.😁
Do visit Ms. Tomorrow's awesome gallery! It has a whole lot of great posts of her sexy fetish modeling, and her life as an American Domme.
Here's something I've never mentioned before, I've always wanted to be a stoner's tiny: A crew of us could break up her buds and pack her bowls for her, keep her pipes and such clean and resin free, it would take about 4 or 5 of us to roll her a joint, and if I ever wanted a bong hit, she could just drop me in whenever she takes one, hehe. ☁☁☁ #iggiantessedits #giantessfetish #giantess #tinies #tinypeople #miniaturepeople #microphilia #microphile #americandomme #domme #footfetish #fishnetstockings #fishnets #goddess

Here's a cute little collage, made using a gorgeous pic from the model, Mooncaller Leda Muir, "whose hair color changes with her mood". I once bumped into this post while browsing suggestions from IG, and I couldn't help but get a whimsical idea for an edit. You'll probably notice the slightly fuzzy quality to the pic, but that's because the model's pic came from a collage in her gallery, and I had to scale it up, reducing the quality during editing. How this tiny managed to find himself swinging from her purple hair is a mystery, but it's clear that if he went through those lengths to get her attention, he really fancies herπŸ’œ. Leda Muir has a wonderful gallery and has a very enchanting style of modeling. She seems to be pretty popular amongst cosplayers and other make up artists, with several fan made galleries and reposts all over IG. As far as I know, she isn't involved in a fetish commmunity on IG, so if she were to have a problem with this post, I would of course respectfully remove it right away.
I must say, call me kooky, but I really think she has Suzan Murphy qualities to her, and if a live action version of Monsters vs. Aliens were ever filmed, I think she would play a PERFECT Ginormica. If you don't think so, look at her pics wearing platinum blonde hair; you'll see what I mean. Isn't she adorable?πŸ’œ #iggiantessedits #giantess #tinies #tinypeople #miniaturepeople #model #purplehair #girlswithpurplehair

Scaling back down to micro, I recently was contacted by a kind and beautiful model named, Lil-mizz Unique, and she sent me absolutely wonderful material to work with, this is just one finished edit for her, but I'm already enjoying making another, and another😁. She sent me a handful of pics to work with, and I fell in love with two that are zoomed into a little garden gnome village. Just the way she gently places her pretty foot in the center, her toes passively slightly bent, really adds to the pick, my favorite scenario: the gentle giantessπŸ˜ŠπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™. One thing that I like to sometimes really emphaSIZE (just shoot me, hehe), is the sheer smallness of the tinies. Well, one thing's for sure, you're pretty damn tiny, if a little figure of a gnome is like a tall statue to you. If you like this garden gnome village theme, you'll probably like the next one I started, which has larger girl tinies in it, and yes that gorgeous giantess foot in the center.
Go visit this lovely model and photograher's gallery!

#iggiantessedits #giantess #giantessfetish #tinies #tinypeople #microphilia #microphile #footfetish #goddess

An entire city gathers together, just to be humbly at the feet and sandal of this glorious giantess. Queen Frostbitten looks down at the thousands of tiny people, some bowing before and on her foot, while others climb onto her enormous sandal just to touch and kiss her footprint. Normally when I include a giantess in a city, I first off consider a violent or fearful scenario, but for some reason I wanted to depict the Queen here, as being worshipped and adored by a whole city of tiny loyal servants. I know, macro isn't my strongest style of fetish art, but certain models really inspire it in me. Queen Frostbitten makes a most glorious giantess!πŸ’πŸ’ƒπŸ’ #iggiantessedits #giantess #giantessfetish #queen #goddessqueen #giantessqueen #footfetish #fetishmodels #goddess #sandalfetish #macrophilia #macrophile

I don't often doodle with the mega giantess fantasy, but certain models and certain shots just call for it. I was very happy to recently hear from Giantess Goddess JT, and I'm more than happy to make some new edits from some great collage material that she sent. It's always a blast collaborating with the goddess.
Nearly every time I make a collage like this for her, I can't help to think about the maddening size difference between this giantess to tinies, even smaller than the normal sized people in that city. πŸ’πŸ’ƒπŸ’ #iggiantessedits #giantessfetish #giantess #megagiantess #sizefetish #giantessgoddess #macrophilia #macrophile #footfetish #footmodel #fetishmodels #amazon #6fttall #size10feet #womenwithbigfeet #girlswithbigfeet #goddess #tallwomen #tallgirls #tallgirlfetish

Here, the Divine Mistress Chanel sits comfortably on her sofa, her devoted little tinies more than happy to serve as her personal tiny foot massagers. Those tinies have a whole lot of work ahead of them, but I can't imagine that they would complain about that- What tiny foot fetishist wouldn't want to be at Chanel's sexy size 9.5 feet? πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ‘£πŸ’™πŸ’™ #iggiantessedits #giantess #giantessfetish #tinies #tinypeople #miniaturepeople #microphilia #microphile #shrinking #shrinkingfetish #footfetish #footmodel #fetishmodels #size9andahalf #womenwithbigfeet #girlswithbigfeet #goddess #footgoddess

Chanel Rae offers through Paypal, pics, vids, and even Skype sessions, but here you see quite a special event: a live show for an entire crowd of tinies, all there to gather in adoration for the divine mistress.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!, the hundreds of miniature people hear and feel on the floor, as the one and only Giantess Katelyn approaches closer and closer. If I were in that crowd, I could only hope that I would be in a safe place, because I would definitely be stunned by the site of this towering goddess, and probably couldn't move at all. I'm not really into the fantasy of being splat, but I must admit, what a site it would be to see the bottom of Katelyn's foot right above me.πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ‘£πŸ’™πŸ’™

#iggiantessedits #giantessfetish #giantess #tinies #tinypeople #miniaturepeople #microphilia #microphile #footfetish #fetishmodels #goddess #giantesskatelyn #giantessgoddess

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