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  🔷 I don't even lift 🔷 💪Offer online diet/training 📧: 👻: neoshredx ⤵Youtube⤵

Call me Jin Trenzama

The following vids are taken 4 days apart and there is a 7 lbs increase from the first vid to the second. That is the power of carbing up. Which for me means stuff ur face as much as u can and pray u gain weight. Meanwhile only a slight deficit for 2 days made me lose 7 lbs (that's the power of skinny boy genetics I guess)

After many years training as an elf with my elf ways I got introduced to @timbahwolf and decided to train with the wolves. This was my initiation. Shout out to @timbraphwolf enjoying my suffering in the background

Smallest lads at the beach @idzqinami

Howl at the moon

Trying to hit that og Arnold and Franko pose. @timbraphwolf should have taken Franko's spot though because I'm the immigrant from Europe and he's the shorter and stronger one


No matter what you decide to do in life. You can't escape judgement. Might as well do what you love & live it on your own terms

Who remembers this guy from one of my old YouTube vids? He's come a long way since then. 18 years old, natty and pretty damn strong too. Also, he managed to out douche me in this pic. Not sure if i should be disappointed or impressed. @timbraphwolf

I look at life as a game. All I'm trying to do is level up and max my character's stats

In theory getting lean isn't that complicated. Most people just don't have the mental strength to get through an actual cut.
They go on extreme unsustainable diets because they give themselves a deadline and even if they manage to pull it off they go right back to where they started after a while because they can't keep it up.
If you can't make it a lifestyle you are not going to get that far.
Also, I offer online coaching...just saying

Just out out here trying to look like a DBZ character...that is all

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