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  🔷 I don't even lift 🔷 💪Offer online diet/training 📧: neoshredx@gmail.com 👻: neoshredx ⤵Youtube⤵


Some little known facts about me:
🔹️I was so nervous around girls that I couldn't even look them in the eye when I talked to them. If there is anything this transformation did is help me see them for the insecure, attention seeking creatures they really are.
🔹️I spent $1.5 grand on a free to play mmorpg game called rappelz and would spend countless all nighters playing it. Missed prom and graduation for it too and still don't regret any of it. 🔹️I always thought that school was the biggest waste of time for me and I still do. If I lived off a coorporate 9-5 job, even while making $200 grand a year or more I would still consider myself a failure for not making a living off something I enjoy. Even if that means making less money. 🔹️ I haven't celebrated my past 3 birthdays because I'm nowhere close to where I want to be in life.

Thinking of doing a Q&A for my YouTube channel so ask me anything in the comments below. Personal, fitness, gear...whatever your heart desires.
Also, I have a new video up. Check it out if you haven't already...actually, check it out even if you have already 🙃

Workout with side piece nr.8...lolol jk
When she understands & supports my life goals, is ok with my 🏍, comes at 3:00 am at the gym to record for YouTube and take pics for IG, she's a keeper ❤

She's the definition of tough love. Never cared about any excuses I ever made. Only expected excellence and wouldn't care for anything else. She was one of the top students in the whole country in her time, getting perfect grades in everything from elementary until university (except gym class lol) Studied basically all day and would wake up at 4:00 A.M to study more before school started every day.
Having said everything though, the actual important thing here is that I outangled my mom in this pic 😏

Even though I've only gained 7 lbs on this bulk, progress has been amazing due to periodizing my training routine and not just training instinctively. The drugs have not changed at all either so it's not due to upping the tren or anything lol.
For me this is still "fluffy" but I wouldn't mind staying this body fat until I shred again. Time to grow!

Some highlights from my new full body routine. I'm thinking of giving my program out, now should I give it for free or should I charge you suckers for it 🤔

Status: Bulking
Calories: 4k
Main protein source: Eating ass

I remember back in the day my mom would always describe me as polite but very stubborn. When I was 4 y/o things weren't exactly safe in Albania. Someone would always walk me to my grandma's house because I loved going there. I was always told I couldn't go there alone because it was too dangerous. That intrigued me. So one day I decided to go there alone (got my ass whopped for it later 😁) Many years later & here I am as the douchebag you have all learned to love/hate and things haven't changed much. Still mostly taking my own path, unguided. Exploring and learning the world myself. And still got no calves

Amazing day and memories that will last a lifetime.
I was looking at @mykola.udovyk for stepping in front of the camera at the last second to outangle us but then I realized all of them did it...sneakyyyy

The following stringer from @jed_north has been hand sown by the purest virgins in the remote mountains of the Himalayas. It is then soaked in enchanted water and pheromones from Zeus himself granting it +45 aesthetic appeal, +53 strength and + ∞ getting laid. It has been scientifically shown to cure cancer, end world hunger and stop world war 2.
In all honesty so many gym apparel brands are overpriced. This company isn't one of them. So if you want some dope gym clothes check them out

I opened up about juice because it was justified it in my head and according to my beliefs and morals it was nothing to be frowned upon. So it never bothered me when people who had a different mentality from me put me down for it, since I was confident in my actions.
Now, I do not condone drug use and think for most people, taking steroids is NOT a good idea.
It was only when I started receiving the messages from people asking me weather they should go on or not that I began to stop talking about it. It seems like most people are looking for someone to justify their actions, someone to tell them it's Ok. To belong to a group, or to be a badass and do the "cool" thing.
Fk all of that, create your own ideals and morals of how you should live your life. Stop seeking validation for your actions. Create your life based on your own beliefs. Make your own mistakes. Just be yourself ✌

After using barbells and dumbbells for isolation work, mainly focusing on progressive overload and heavy weight, my joints started to hurt over time. However with cables you can use far less weight, get constant tension all through the exercise which was better for my joints in the long run. Save the heavy barbell and dumbbell work for the compound lifts and hit your iscolations for high volume and lighter weight to target your weakpoints...and spare your joints

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