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✯ NEMESIS KORR ✯  ◈ Ink & Pencil Art


So I know I said in my previous drawing I'd try to draw some pieces where the hair is unshaded but... I couldn't do it, I just couldn't 😅 I absolutely love it when other artists do it but when it comes to my art I just have to shade and highlight the hair! So if it ain't broke I won't try to fix it lol.⁣

Anywho, despite me not liking it at first I really love how this came out 🖤

#WIP ✍️

'From the Darkness'

I'm really happy with how this came out, although I think I might try a few drawings where the hair is left unshaded (like my WIP from yesterday) because I like both styles but I want to see which one works for me the best.

#WIP ✍️


Another #drawthisinyourstyle challenge entry and this time its for the amazing @wolfmumma. I absolutely love her work so I was really happy to get a chance to recreate one of her beautiful pieces 🖤 >>>Swipe left to see the original and a close up of mine.

'The Sorceress'

I felt inspired to draw something more dark and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out 🖤


Haven't decided on a name for this one but I hope you like it! 🖤

One of my absolute favourite artists on IG (@kelogsloops) is doing a #drawthisinyourstyle challenge and I couldn't resist taking part so this is my entry for it! I really enjoyed recreating such a beautiful painting, it was such a fun process 😁 <<<Swipe left to see the original piece as well as a close up.

“Melancholy” in colour

Which do you prefer? Colour or B&W? I can’t decide, I like them both for different reasons. Either way, I hope you like them 🖤


This has come out much better than I anticipated! I’m really happy with it 😊I couldn’t decide whether to do this in colour or B&W so I’ve done it in both. I actually started with the colour one but jumped on this one half way through and finished it first. So I should get the colour one done in the next day or so and upload it 🖤

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