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This happened again. Reported persistent XSS on Twitch that allowed for credential harvesting. Here's vid I submitted to them

Bored at work...Glitch effect only using CSS

Got pictures of a female pileated woodpecker yesterday. Check out the size of it compared to the red-bellied (which is a normal sized woodpecker)

Something pushed the bottom of the shell into it at some point in time causing it to split. Still all there tho

Found a fossilized shell earlier. Purty cool being it isn't just the indentation

My boss is going to ask me to work this weekend when I get back from lunch. tfw

Reported this SQLi vuln to Twitch two nights ago. Patches/updates are in place already. 49 untouched tables; no thanks give doe 😐


Somewhere else in Toronto

Somewhere in Toronto

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