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Casey Nelson  Midvale, UT

"Weeeeooo!" Oaks first #chipsrun @snowbird

Always #photogenic

One amazing kid.

#TBT 2008
πŸ“·:Kealan Shilling

Returning to filming for Familia after injuries, loss of sponsors, and set-backs, I was hyped to hear @snowboardmag was using a photo of me in their annual. Unfortunately before it hit the press, there was a misprint / confusion of rider, and the credit went to my good friend @tourist_tom . Shortly after, I was told that my riding wasn't worth asking for product, and that photo incentive was out of the question. The recession was thickening and I didn't expect #snowboarding to pay for shit, but I lost what motivation I had to push my own limits. Call me weak if you'd like, when something like that happens it sucks explaining it in any way, even now, and somewhat feels like it never happened at all.

I'm well aware of my place, though I will always take any opportunity to promote the sport and get kids stoked on something that easily distracts you from the bullshit labels in this world, like feeling your the only one from a broken, rented home. In middle school, I was often treated like one of the poorest kids in #ParkCity , there were less than 3 shreds who were actually comfortable as the black sheep/ knuckle-dragger. Things have changed a lil'. My father pushed the highest end home remodels so I could take advantage of our mountains in a unique way, he even put me in a school for winter athletes. As things were looking up, industry chatter came through the grapevine like I was some spoiled shit, even some of my hero's turned their back. I realized this came from my standards to not take lip from anyone. Early bridges burnt, I focused on being humble, only arrogant when I feel judged.
I have a great deal of respect for those who stay true. I will support my son in whatever career he dreams of, as my father did. Thanks to anyone who has backed me along the way.

Dad's right hand little man. πŸ”¨

"Markass goes to Lungie land" on YouTube.
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Back to #Utah πŸ™‚
Back to Work πŸ”¨
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Happy Birthday to the Woman I love @mamanichnels ! Oak and I are truly blessed. ❀️

Oak exploring Alcatraz

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