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Retro lady from Paris  Daria Nelson Retro influencer based in Paris✨ #nelson_personal to know more about me @sale.anyways to shop my wardrobe 👀 💌

You often ask me about my lazy hair and lazy style, so here it is – my lazy day-off style with 5th day brush out❤️
Tap on the picture to see details.

Paris in pastels tones 😍☺️
Just look at this perfect summer dress I received from @joanieclothing last week 😍
Pure love! What do you think about these colors? What about your colors for this summer?
I was always afraid to wear light colors like beige, white and blue sky because I know that these kind of clothes need special care...
But now it makes me pleasure, even if I should wash them two times after I wore them. 😅
Because beauty is about colors sometimes. For example I will not wear my favorite autumn or winter colors like marsala or deep blue in summer because that looks strange. Do you agree with me?


🎼 Fuir le bonheur de peur qu'il ne se sauve
Se dire qu'il y a over the rainbow
Toujours plus haut le soleil above
Croire aux cieux croire aux dieux
Même quand tout nous semble odieux
Que notre cœur est mis à sang et à feu 🎶

Monday evening walk all over my beloved Paris. ❤️

Blue dream by @eponymevintage 💙
Total look by @eponymevintage

Girls! I wanna hear your opinion!
How do you choose lingerie? Is it for yourself or more for your partner?
Do you prefer sexy lingerie or comfy and cute one? Do you feel more confident while wearing stockings or not?
That’s super interesting topic for me and I can say for myself that I’m a big fan of sexy linger e but I never choose it for someone. All linger e complexes I have that’s the pleasure for myself first and only after for my beloved one 💗
But what I found really strange that the fact that all men I had before prefer simply cutie panties but not @agentprovocateur or @ditavonteeselingerie lingerie 🙀
That was super shocking for me but that is...
I am a big fan of @whatkatiediduk lingerie as well 👀 And I just can’t get enough of their retro inspired lingerie 💋

I felt in love with this 50’s two pieces dress first time I saw it at @eponymevintage and I just couldn’t imagine that it will fit me like a glove 😍
Here on video I’m wearing this amazing dress before the zip on my back was changed. And now it fits even better 😭😭😭
Thanks to @eponymevintage to make my childhood princess dreams come true 💙

Very often people on the street ask me why I’m dressed up like that.
“Are you an actress? Did you have an event? Is it for special occasion?” One of these questions I receive every day. And every day I’m gently answer that it’s just my style. My everyday’s style. That I love it and I’m passionate by 40’s and 50’s.
But even if I’m a big fan of these periods fashion I never had a dream to return to the past and to live in 40’s or 50’s, I am not that radical you know 😅
And what about you? Have you ever dreamt about living in another historical period? If yes, when and where? 👇🏻

When you are happy with good poodle hair day and you are in love with the city of love 💗
My beloved Paris ✨

Don’t be afraid of colors. Don’t be afraid to shine.
PS: Can you see this couple on the background? 💗
Total vintage outfit though. 🤤

Vintage shop that’s not only about clothes but about the owner first.
I am so blessed to know @eponymevintage and @mamzelleswing – these two lovely ladies choose every piece for their shops with love, I totally recommend you to visit them while you’ll be in Paris 💗
By the way, this 40’s dress and earrings are available at @eponymevintage shop ✨

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