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c. N.  Pancho villa te llevo grabado En mi mente y en mi corazón. Local mutineer 🇨🇴🇮🇹🇵🇷

Final post-chemo recheck. Hopefully no more rechecks for a month and we can finally start just to enjoy the time we have left without worrying about the doxorubicin making her sick. This experience has been difficult but has also allowed me to create some of the most lasting and loving memories with Paisley. Thanks again to everyone who supported and helped us through this. #thedailypaisley

So drew and I brought Paisley in last night her blood work wasn't great but it wasn't as bad as the time she had to be hospitalized. The doctor felt okay to send her home with oral antibiotics and pain meds. She started having weird episodes of tachycardia but her ❤️ rhythm check out as normal. She's also on some fun pain meds because she seemed uncomfortable. This was possibly caused by the last chemo treatment but she's blaming it on current world affairs. #thedailypaisley

Everyday is national pet day for these beauties. #nationalpetday #thedailypaisley #zapthewarpup #knucklesbuckles

Exciting things are in the works. 🤙🏼

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So instead of just being heartbroken and sad about the issues going on in Syria, here's a list of organizations you can donate and support (credit to @/eemanabbasi on twitter) :
✖️Orgs working directly on the grounds in Syria:
-Syria Civil Defence (also known as the white helmets) -Islamic Relief USA -Msf International -SAMS
✖️Intel orgs working with Syrian refugees in refugee camps:
-Karam Foundation -Sunrise USA -Project Amal ouSalam -Hand in Hand 4 Syria -Medical Teams Int'l
✖️Smaller orgs who help people in refugee camps and help resettle them:
-IRIS -CT Anchor -More Than 10K -HIAS
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#Syria #DontBombSyria #SorrySyria

Why are you so fucking precious?!??!? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😩😩😩#thedailypaisley

We did it ya'll. Last chemo!!!! She passed the finish line with only one night of hospitalization. These next two weeks are still ones to closely monitor but after that it's just about making the time she has left the best. Veterinary Cancer & Surgery speciality, Dr. Freeman, Catherine, Tiffany and everyone else we interacted this made this such a positive experience for us. This has definitely evolved my thoughts of end of life care with terminal pets and people and I am eternally grateful. Thank you to everyone who reached out to us and gave us support. Now to help tackle the first item on Paisley's bucket list, 1. Decolonize our minds and actions. #thedailypaisley

I guess you know what you're doing. #zapthewarpup #pangersgowest

All about those mystic hikes.

Mt. Tabor sunsets on our 7th year. #pangersgowest

The girls turned 11 this month and it's been 7 years with this guy. Thank your for sharing most of their lives with me and loving them as much as I do since day 1. #711 #thedailypaisley #knucklesbuckles

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