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Sahir is not nelda’s neighbor,
but she would welcome him.
Sahir is Syrian. He lives in no man’s land.
He has no home and no family.
Life before the war in Syria, was busy. Sahir studied at the university and became a civil engineer. He feel in love and married. He and his wife settled into family life.
He remembers life then, how beautiful his wife was and how much he loved his child.
After their home was reduced to rubble and there was no more food or water he and his wife bundled up their baby, packed a few family photographs and left.
Sahir holds little hope that his wife and child will be found.
The boat capsized as they crossed over the dangerous waters.
They were looking for safety, a little bit of food and maybe a better life. #immigrantstory #immigrants

nelda’s friend and neighbor Akira is third generation Japanese American. This is Akira’s grandmother. When her grandmother was five she was taken from her home and forced into an internment camp in Portland, Oregon. She lived in the camp behind razor wire fences as a prisoner of her own country. She slept in animal stalls with 3000 other Japanese Americans. There was no plumbing and no possibility of cooking food. She missed her pretty bedroom at home and her friends at school, but mostly she missed her pets. She didn’t realize when she hugged her beloved dog goodbye that they would never again be best friends. Akira’s grandmother was only one of the 120,000 Japanese Americans that were imprisoned under President Franklin D. Roosevelt Executive Order 9066. Despite being held prisoner as a child by her own countryman, she was always a proud American. #immigrantstory

Nelda is sorry to say that Koos will not be her neighbor. She lives in the largest refugee camp in the world. There are a half-million displaced people living in this camp called Dadaab.
Koos is from Somalia. She and her mother fled their homeland because of civil war, disease, drought and starvation. Her father and siblings were killed by the militia. Koos always had hopes and dreams. She hoped she could immigrate to the United States and dreamed of studying environmental science. Now, her hopes and dreams are gone. #immigrantstory #immigrants #immigrantlivesmatter

Hajar is nelda’s dear friend and neighbor. She is an attorney who provides legal representation
to people who are voiceless and powerless. Like immigrants. Hajar is not an immigrant.
She is an American. Born and raised. But, her parents weren’t.
They are immigrants from Pakistan. They are both doctors and citizens of the United States.
They love their country. #immigrantstory #immigrantlivesmatter

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