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Daniel Corcuera

Little neck piece from a couple days ago. Thanks Jaakko!
#speaknoevil #killersilverink

Backcover for Druid Lord's new album
Watercolor on paper, 30 x 30 cms.
The original is up for grabs. €200
#druidlord #watercolor #skullartcollective #skullart #skullcandle #artforsale

I'm putting for sale this original painting I did for the band Ruinous.
Watercolor on thick paper, 31x31 cms.
Message me if you are interested.
#ruinous #watercolor #deathmetalartwork #artforsale

Just finished this drawing for my band Slaughtbbath. We will be touring North America in September/October. More info soon.

Little neck piece done today in Damnation Ink.
#necktattoo #snakeanddagger #killersilverink

I have been avoiding doing logos for quite some time now, but since this was a very special request from my friend and incredible tattoo artist @david.jorquera I decided to give it a try. Here are some different versions of the final results.

Here's a more complete view of this recently done freehand piece. The healed tattoos above weren't done by me. I have some free time later today for tattooing.

As far as we got so far with this full sleeve collaboration project with @roni.arling.

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