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Nicholas Jordan  Junior-ish Pole Vaulter Bioscience Academy Artist SC: nek.j17

Surprisingly, kayaking at 2 in the morning when it’s pitch black basically feels like you’re entering The Void. Bass lake was fun this year

I had a fantastic time vaulting with and getting to know some truly incredible athletes. Thank you so much for such a great week 🙏

Did I just sell my soul away?

So proud to have been awarded Most Inspirational two years in a row. I had such a phenomenal season, looking forward to two more with such a fantastic team!

Had a great time at #russellcup yesterday and managed to bring home a medal 😁

Had a great time at #southpasadena yesterday. I managed to get an 11ft vault and place so that’s pretty neat 😁

Hey look, I’ve existed for another year. Also, hey look, it’s Vincent Van Gogh’s 165th birthday today. (Sidenote, 2002 was the best 2000’s year to be born, LOTR The Two Towers came out that year)

When I drew this it actually kicked the conversion ideas from the last post into motion. Drawing #hplovecraft themed beings are always fun. A lot of wild creatures in the #Cthulhu mythos

Been doing some tyranid conversions lately for a #kitbash #contest at the local GW. Pleased with how it has been coming along. Thoughts? (Also apologies for crappy pics)

Huge thanks to my friend Devin for being so generous. He gave me the whole #Kastelanrobots family for my busted-up crappily-painted #oldoneeye from the #macragge era. Here comes the Rock-em Sock-em Robots!

So I had some #taufirewarriors sprues lying around and I needed rangers so here’s a reverse Gue’veza or whatever they’re called. Thoughts? #tau #adeptusmechanicus #admech #sicarian #onager #forthegreatergood #orsomethinglikethat

Behold! Nurgle’s finest: Gluglug, the Scourge of Sigmar. Pusgoyle Blightlord, Sunderer of Cities, and Bearer of Non-GMO Wheat. Thoughts? Feedback? Lol I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore

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