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Kash Villamor  Being innocent is not me..! but being unique is definitely me.. ~}°_°


#1stday -^-First day for our long vacation:)


#Homeberry :)tag init sa it #mango#flakes#nips#vanillastrewberry:)
#im in the zone!

#BFF - a true friends can describe who you are-
:)bang pag Ito nag sama walang magpapagitna sa kalsada bwaahahaha love you friends:)

#Babyangel *_* 3years ago when you passed away there was so many changes happened to our lives, you told us before you close your eyes that no matter what happened you will be our angel. Thank you baby khyl for always with us,we're so bless and success because of you my baby angel thank you for everything,I want to dedicate all my success to you.:)you will always be our baby, and we always be your momy&yayo our baby angel khyl Gonzales We love you and we miss you mwaaaaah<3

#tbtpics#18#ourday#<;3 I belieVE thAt tWo peOple aRe coNNectEd at the heArt aNd it dOesn't mAtter whAt yoU dO,nor who you Are oR whEre yoU liVe;there aRe no boUndaries or barriErs if two pEople aRe destinEd tO be togEther.:)<3
Happy18 my spamy nqoe I love you<3 I'm so sad because I miss you so much :( your always in my heart mwaaaaaaaaah #cathjan

# super Tbt

A mother who always proud of her siblings ..
Thank you for the patient and understanding mah .. I knoe we are not good enough daughters& son to you,I always wanted that someday we get together, thing I have to say sorry for everything and thank you for those sacrifices you've done..I'm so lucky to have a mother like you .. Happy Mother's Day mama nku:)

It was from the start since naabot ku sa inyung family I'll never say this to you,thank you for everything te....
I am so happy and proud when you accept me as one of your family,coz you treat me as your real daughter, laugh when I laugh, you cry when I cry,you guide me as long as u can,you never get tired to give me an advice. Thanks for your unconditional love....:)happy Mother's Day te I love you and I miss you....:)

#InstaMag- My life belongs with them:) I miss you sobra guys :):)

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