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Neil van der Ploeg  Australian road cyclist riding for Madison Genesis in the UK!

I'm not 100% sure, but I think my new glasses must be "Coffee table camo" colour. There will be many more puns based around our new sponsor... @ride100percent

When the sun shows itself, there's goofy happiness everywhere in the UK! I'm glad @petosagan has modelled the @ride100percent sunglasses before me! Check them out people of England- SUMMER IS HERE! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŒžโ˜‰๐ŸŒก

Heading North to #eastcleveland for the #klondikegp , my first race here in the UK! My driver, @swiftconnor picking up a 25 mile TT course record on the way! Averaging just under 48kmhr! #slipperymofo #wattbomb " #prettychuffed " @madisongenesis

Some snaps from last weekend's @cicleclassic ! Cracker of a race. And proof the sun does exist in the UK! Link to VLOG from the days action below!


Time is running out to introduce the remaining team mates!!
Pictured here is a new and intriguing recruit for 2018. His name is Isaac Mundy @_mundy_ .
He has a rare background for a cyclist. He has raced the daring 4X mountain bike discipline at a world cup level and ALSO completed a degree in Maths at Oxford University. That's right, straight out Maths! Impressive life palmares!

Off the bike, he is once again, another polite and well spoken individual. If you're at a race and looking for an intelligent conversation, Isaac is your man!
Personally, I can't wait to race some dodgy #tourseries crits with Isaac, he will lap it up!

Today the sun shines on @mikecuming
Is he aspiring to become an Aussie or is he a Brit for the long haul? It's hard to say, but there have been a BUNCH of Aussies pushing hard for an adoption!
Why? Well it doesn't take long to understand the Aussies push. Golden blonde hair, lean and muscular physique, topped off by an always positive and easy going approach to life. We'd be proud to poach him, but that's an argument for another time. Until then, he's going to be a big asset to @madisongenesis for 2018!

Meet @richhandley90 . Roommate @johnnymcevoyyy just said he is a "very very good climber" and is "as strong as shit"! As far I can tell, there's a bloody lot of people who fit that description on this camp, but coming from Johnny is really saying something!

Off the bike Richard is yet again, another very well manored and pleasant character. But before anyone gets their hopes up, im sorry, but Richard is taken. Married and master of Stanley Handley- his dog! If Richard blows up at anyone, or spits the dummy in 2018 I will be most surprised!

Today, we shine the light on one of the George's. This is George Pym. Call him Pym, it's less likely to be miss understood! As you can see, he's a clean cut, tall and handsome young man.

Today Pym was impressive physically AND mentally. He rode off ahead solo, midway through a 6 hr ride and we didn't see him for 30kms!
He then stepped off the bike and solved an absolute brain buster of a riddle, pictured above.
In summary, he's a young, polite and well rounded man. Strong physically and mentally, with dashing good looks. I'm not 100% sure if he's single, but ladies, I would act quickly- this one is a keeper!

It's a double day here in Calpe! We had Johnny this morning, and now we shine the light on Tobyn Horton.
He's known as "Tubs" but is far from Tubby. To be fair, he's absolutely RIPPED! His muscular physique has also earned him the nickname Zues.
He's a jolly lad from Leeds, but soon he'll be representing the his home island of Guernsey in the Comm Games! I look forward to racing the #Tourseries with him when he gets back!! #ripped #cyclinguk

Heeerrrrres JOHNNY! It's now day 7 here in Calpe, and I have some catch up to do!

Johnny McEvoy has a serious side which can be seen in the photos above. His strength on a bike is proven with a finish in Paris Roubaix. But off the bike, Johnny is barely recognisable to the photos above because he's always laughing, smiling, or talking flat out. I've been told he's speaking English, but I can't be sure! Regardless, I've been lucky to draw him as a room mate for this camp!

Day 4 on the @madisongenesis training camp in Calpe!
Here is @matthew_holmes . He is a food lover, and is happy to share! First riser of the day, and straight into the kitchen to prepare a giant pot of porridge and frittata for the lads- what a team mate!
He also has some HUGE HP in the legs, one of the best 10min powers in today's uphill TT. Look out in the hilly races for this man!
Rest day tomorrow, might do a double rider introduction, stay tuned!

Its day 3 here in Calpe for the @madisongenesis training camp. Very pleased to meet @swiftconnor this week. Hes a young rouleur with a massive engine. More importantly, he carries a table tennis bat, is bang up for a game of Mafia and is an enthusiastic optimist! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ
I will shine a light on another team mate daily while in Calpe!

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