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Neil Gaiman  Writes things. Changes a baby. It's a living.


Waiting for me when I got home. A @marmite gene test. I will take it, but have already proudly passed on my Marmite-loving genes to my wee son.

They were the sort you only ever get at the bottom of certain teatime assortments. Mr Young's was the same pink as a surgical appliance... #GoodOmens #whatwedidyesterday

The last shot of the night. #GoodOmens

Just another quiet night here at the Convent of the Chattering Order of St. Beryl's.

It's done. It will go to auction in December at Sotheby's to benefit the good work done by http://www.houseofillustration.org.uk/

Today I am making a book cover to be auctioned on a first printing of the book in question. It is not a book by me. I was always a bit rubbish at handicrafts but am enjoying this process no end.

Tonight there will be a mighty storm and in it we will burn down a convent of Satanic Nuns. As you do. #GoodOmens

A duty roster... #Goodomens

It begins. David Tennant is Crowley. Michael Sheen is Aziraphale. They are amazing. #GoodOmens

Me, with @terry_and_rob. They cannot start shooting Good Omens as we have stolen their clapperboard.

It's Ash's second birthday. This is his after-cake-and-candles nap. It's been a wonderful and enlightening two years. I'm in London for the Good Omens tv series. We start shooting on Monday.

At the read through. We brought the book.

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