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neil favila  represented by @dayreps.


new photographs of @isabellalwalsh, CD’d by @millicenthailes, styled by @lisa_tv, assisted by @chrisofcxc, featured on @nowness.

new portrait of @808mafiaboss 💨

should’ve done it blindfolded.

i’ve got a couple prints left over from my exhibition. DM or email if you’d like to purchase. also, my book is officially sold out — thank you to everyone who picked one up! can’t wait to do it again next year.

♻️ @abcdemory ♻️

three cameras & one #canadiantuxedo

& ever

thank you @dimmak @manicsmusic @pizzaoki @ferocannabis @lawineforever @pabstblueribbon — let’s do it again next year? 🎥: @fun_mag

cats out the bag 🙀 i photographed lil wayne for @ugg & @bape_japan - thank you for the opportunity @goatticus @dayreps 🥇

proof that god is a woman, and the earth isn’t flat. thank you @millicenthailes for letting me shoot this for you & @terror.jr. wouldn’t have been possible w/o the attention to detail of @genebresler. styles by @hayleymccune 💕

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