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K. Coronado  🌴Habits and Contradictions | South Central, LA🌴

Locals Only 🙅🏽‍♀️ #WestCoastWednesday

Did someone say Mimosa 🍾😛

The Breakfast Club ✨

Baby Boy...
I look at you every night when you’re deep asleep and think to myself “oh man...there are gonna be days in a few years when you’ll run away from me and choose daddy instead. And a few years later when you’ll be too embarrassed to say bye to me when I drop you off at school. And a few years later when you’ll choose spending a weekend with your crush instead of spending a weekend with your family. And a few years later when you’re packing your boxes and moving to your first apartment. And a few years later when we’re at your college graduation (if that’s the route you chose). And a few years later when you’re talking to us about your retirement plan x investments. And a few years after that, we’ll be at a Christmas Dinner with your siblings and your family and your siblings family...” and all of that my love, all of that will happen in a blink of an eye. I’ll reach that moment and sigh with relief, peace and happiness knowing that I did everything in my power to raise you well. To be a gentleman, to think for yourself, to love truly and express it, to be open minded and kind, and to be honest and work hard in everything you do. I’m living my life now for you. I’m living all seconds of these long days, for you. Though it’s been a short two months of life for you, you given me a purpose for a lifetime. Whether it’s your grunting noises and intense stretches at the break of dawn, or your laugh, giggles and cooing conversations we have in the morning, hell..even the tantrum type cries from 6:30-7:30 pm, I look at you and can’t help but to feel overjoyed and proud to have you as my son. You’re so smart (definitely ahead of the curve), strong, and seriously the most handsome little fella I’ve ever known. Perfect in every way. Thank you my little Sir for the BEST and most rewarding two months of my life. I LOVE YOU.
#AHighFiveAndAPeaceSign #Seven #SevenG #TwoMonths

Mom Hack: watching Planet Earth religiously to take you on a mental trip and save your sanity from being a home hermit. Also, the narrator sounds so lifeless, he’ll knock you + baby out. Sometimes.

✨⚽️Last Nights Date Night ⚽️✨

Happy Wednesday ✨

Sure MX lost but at least I have these cute knee dimples to look at 😍

Welcome to Laker Nation, Bandwagoners.

Planter’s looking a little fuller with these beautiful blooming succulents from my baby shower 🌿

No matter the lack of sleep, the pain I still occasionally feel in my lower back from the epidural, the sore boobs, the messy house, the undone laundry, the dishes, sweaty pits, dirty hair, even the cringing moments of wanting to pull my teeth out from your restless stubborn crying every evening, all of my’s problems, they all go away when I look down at you and feel you looking back at me trying to figure life out. Smiling at me. Laughing with me. Talking to me. Arching your back and stretching with with one arm up just like me. Gripping my finger. Loving me. You are my world, and there is no greater gift than being your mother. No sweeter love. My purpose is you.

She called me last night before the concert and asked if I wanted a bottle. Took me a good 2 minutes to realize she was talking bout alcohol. Oh how motherhood has shifted my mindset 🍼🍺

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