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Neharika Shahi  UK 🇬🇧 / India 🇮🇳 I run a Youtube channel. Youtube and Facebook - Chalaak Lalli Bewkoof Neha 👇🏻 New video 👇🏻 * Dalhousie *

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#mood #dimplekapadia #letgo @akshaykumar sooooo happy to see her dancing on this music. #oldisgold

iPhone X
#chalaaklallibewkoofneha - ep 94

For all the women who are coming forward - More power to you. I respect you. You are great.
For all the women who can't come forward because they need work and they don't have support - Loads of love to you and respect for you. You are brave. I wish i could listen to your story and cry with you. Wipe your tears.
For all the men supporting women - we need you, we can't win this without you. thank you for standing with every woman and Thank you for being our strength.
For all the men who don't support it or calling it drama - You need to get educated. You don't know how every movement started and how people won the fights. You have never talked to your mother, sister and female colleagues or female friends, probably never asked your woman's story. Get out of dreamland where everything is right. I feel pity for you.
For all the women who don't support this movement - because of you, women never stood up. Because women like you told them "Ignore the things, men are like this, life is unfair, you should think twice before taking a step, it will harm your and the concerned man's public image". Every movement has pros and cons. Positive and negative effects. That doesn't mean we shouldn't support it or we shouldn't stand up

Speak up! Rise up! More power to women! #copied #truefeelings

A country with one of the highest crime rates against WOMEN will now worship a WOMAN the next 9 days.
#introspect #copied

Are women responsible for their situation?? Recently we have seen so many examples jahan a women raises her concerns and is shut up by everyone. And women in power who could have used their voice, choose to stay quiet.
We live in a country where girls are taught to be careful, and dress a certain way to avoid any mishaps. At the same time, some of the parents teach their daughters to be independent and do something meaningful with their lives. But nobody ever teaches their sons how to behave, how to react to this shift in power in our society. And when these ‘traditional’ boys see a woman being more powerful or strong, they do not know how to react.. and use their power to shut up the woman.
My girl friends, know your worth. You all have the ability to shine the brightest, so go... shine. Be the best you can be. Be so strong that nobody messes up with you. Say when its wrong, say when things are not right. Share your experiences for others to learn what it is like walking in your shoes. And keep saying till you are heard. People don’t have time to listen to others grievances. But don’t stop your voice just because no one is listening. Because one day, YOU WILL BE HEARD GIRLS. One day, it will be your day and that will be the start to the world changing for the better.
Girls, we are the lucky generation, we can create history. But it will be a long, tough road to victory. Till then, may we all support each other. #dussehra #nomore #helpuplifteachother #youarenotalone

Aaj ka gyan - Always take pictures on a sunny day 😂. No matter how you look, sunlight is the best filter 😀. Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with sunlight and pictures 😂😂 #sunny #sunnydayselfies

This women cannot be ignored.. never in my life I thought I would be writing something about Rakhi Sawant. All her posts get so much attention. Whether good or bad, is another subject all together. She has an opinion about almost everything and is not ashamed of sharing it uninhibited. I don’t even follow her account, but still look at her account to see what’s new today, and she never disappoints. When her posts are in English, I go to the comments and read them as well. Don’t know why I do it, maybe because I am from a country where not knowing proper english is laughed upon and I unconsciously look at what people say to her.
But what I have realised about myself is, this is not right. I hate the language people use on her posts. I do not understand why and how people have so much free time to talk shit about someone. I get it she is a public personality and it attracts criticism as well. But हर बात की limit होती है. I do not understand why people would take out time to comment rubbish. If you don’t like her, do not follow her, do not watch her posts, BLOCK her. पर मज़े भी लोगे और गंदा भी बोलोगे, ये बात तो ग़लत है. She doesn’t even care what you guys think about her. She is an intelligent person. She herself says - ये जो लोग abuse करते हैं, बुरा बोलते हैं, उनके पास कोई काम धन्दा नहीं होता है और वो बस keyboard कि पीछे छुप कर बकवास करते हैं. And I agree with her. She knows why she does what she does. She is from a very competitive industry and it demands attention all the time. If she stays in news, she gets work which gives her money. She is just earning her livelihood doing what she does. Not having a godfather or the best of looks, the things she has achieved in her career is commendable- she has worked with the biggest stars of the country, appeared on #koffeewithkaran and had multiple shows on her. Things which any artist dream of.
Do I agree with what they show on these shows - NO.
Do I agree with her opinions - Definitely NO.
Is she irritating- A LOT.
But do I find her entertaining - YES 😂
@rakhisawant2511 you are hilarious 🙏🏻

When the sun shines, take a picture 🙈 #sunlight #selfieaddict

Being a mother -
I have always been very attentive about how I look and feel. I have always wanted to stay fit and healthy.
The most difficult part for me being a mother is dealing with the physical changes. I have a little loose skin, severe stretch marks, and I am aware of that. I exercise regularly, lift weights, but there is only so much you can do with loose skin. Gaining muscles with tighten the skin a bit, but not the stretched out skin. That’s going to stay and I still find it hard to deal with it even after 3 years.
What I can do at this time is exercise and think positive and try to not think about it so much. Easier said than done. Because my body stays with me. I have to look at my body everyday. I do not think I will ever want my body to go through such drastic changes. Hats off to the women who have more than one child. As much as I love my son, I love my body as well. From a very young age I had realised that our body is the only thing that will stay with us, or go with us and we must look after it well. And it’s a daily struggle. I have always wanted to share this, but it was too personal. At the same time I know most of us women go through this feeling.
How do you ladies out there deal with body changes after pregnancy? How does it make you feel? Are you bothered at all?
I guess it’s good to discuss and know we are not alone 😘😘
#momconfessions #beingamother #skincare #pregnancyskinproblems #looseskin

U-Me aur Ryan - ep 2
#chalaaklallibewkoofneha - ep 93

Mothers.... come in all shapes and sizes. I have had it from a number of people, both known and strangers, that I should dress like a mother 🤔. What does a mother dress like???? Is she supposed to have a particular look?? Because when I was growing up, I have seen mothers wearing what was comfortable for them. I have seen them in sarees, suits, jeans, dresses, skirts- everything. And never for a moment did I judge anyone for what they were wearing.
Come on guys, I will wear what I feel comfortable in, because I buy it from MY MONEY. It’s like i will cook whatever I like because I am buying MY grocery. I will only ask for/respect your opinion if god forbid, I need you to pay for my food and clothes.
Guys, stop judging, stop nasty comments. You are doing what you want to, let others do the same if they are not coming into your boundaries. Use your voice when people invade your privacy, if something wrong is hurting someone. But can you all just shut up on what one SHOULD wear.
Because I definitely do not listen to unknown voices 🤗.
And yes, my son loves me equally when i wear shorts, jeans, dresses or suits- and finds me beautiful in all of them. Clothes do not make mothers, their kids do!
#momlife #momconfessions #dowhatmakesyouhappy #wearwhatiwear #kidslove

Being a mother is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a woman... but I won’t be lying if I said it is super difficult being a mother. I want him to behave, but when he behaves I get bored and then ask him not to be quiet anymore 🙈. He wakes up every morning with the biggest smile on his face and gives the best hugs. These little things make my heart full of happiness. But, his energy never dulls even for a second. From 8am till 9pm (his sleeping time), he does not stay quiet even for a bit. He loves sitting with me( or rather ON ME, all the time), and it gives me terrible body ache at the end of the day.
Like this other day, we were having such beautiful mother-son time in the bath, it was filled with warm water, just perfect for the cold days ahead. And then he peed in the water 😡. He makes a face when he is peeing or doing potty. I saw the same face and asked him, Ryan do you want to do pee pee? And he stopped me and said, NO MAA, I have ALREADY DONE IT NOW. And he said that such happiness as if it was a great thing he did 😏. I wanted so bad to get out of the bath, but did not have the energy to do so. So, i stayed in the bath where he peed and continued with our time 🙈. #momconfessions #bathtubselfie #momlifebelike #peedintheshower

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