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Colleen MacDonald  you're my grandma

RIP Oliver 😔🐠 Laying you to rest in the Powers Street freezer with your sister Flo. Still the best fish I've ever had. 😇 #frostbitefish #betabbs

first summer dip 😎

my people

Shout out to this long ass white hair I found growing on my shoulder. It's gotta be at least two inches. #wtf

Me whispering to myself every day #tgif

OK, I was wrong and didn't realize everyone would share their beautiful pictures so soon and that I would still be laying in bed reliving this glorious day and yearning for a troll hole. (So fucking sue me!) Thank you @wcb and @nahcnivek for allowing me to share this day with you, heckle the shit out of you, and for consoling me as I hysterically cried while showing you my Instagram story from your wedding. #respect #kevandwes #doneforrealthistime

let it be known that @h.p.v and I won 5 to 2 before we all almost passed out. court side mom shots by @bearsie

hitting peak jersey summer

nothing says home like beach coleslaw and seltzer

This is the last batch and then I promise I will stop inundating your feeds with #Iceland pictures, sorry!!
1. Wedding freak flag parade
2. Roommate dates
3. Dance floor fan down
4 & 5. Iceland's hottest club is This Troll Hole. It has everything: sheep, ancient acid, a mossy dance floor, flies, cheese plates, deep cuts, and more sheep.
6. This rock that I loved on the north side of the Snæfellsnes peninsula in a little fishing town called Ólafsvík.
7 & 8. More waterfalls...boooring.
9. While rehearsing the wedding gift dance we got @wcb and @nahcnivek, I somehow remembered the clearly challenging choreography to my 6th grade talent show dance and it was captured by @ryan_henry_lucer0.
10. Finally, Bauhaus on a Hollow Hill.

Down the K-troll-Hole! Bye Iceland, eternal thanks for this mystical experience.

so grateful for this special weekend, these people, this sunrise, and this trip.

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