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Nikole Cristine  Just a pocket sized human, embracing the awkward in life🙃 • HE m a K e s Me b R a v E • Deut. 31:6 • Sister//Auntie//Friend • ❤️: ☕️ + 🎼 + The 🌙


Finally got my acceptance letter from Monsters University.
I'll be majoring in Liberal Arts & Monstrosities with a minor in Creative Roaring. I can't wait to begin this new journey! Thanks to all the homies who believed in my monster-bilities! I won't let you down!
#MU #MonstersUniversity #Godzilla #theinstagramlab #stateyourwild

Happy Day of Birth to my ride-or-die homie Nancy!!
Our friendship started off with a hiccup *cough*cough* ...she didn't like me... but God knows we need people opposite of ourselves to help us grow! For the past 8 years, you have been a huge part of my biggest adventures (Panama, Peru, Paraguay), spiritual accomplishments, thrown THE MOST birthday bashes, been in the biggest fights, seen me through my lowest spiritual times, and sat with me in my most painful of moments...I'm so grateful for your friendship and am always inspired at how big your heart is for others. You have big dreams, homie! And you're still young...I can't wait to see how God will bless you! I love you BIG. ❤️
#birthdayZilla #ThreeOneEssTee #ThreeOneAndSheAintDone #RideOrDie #theinstagramlab

If you're lucky enough to find a weirdo, never let them go...
Never let me go, homies. ~
Remember that one time I climbed the tree trunk to be the tallest in the picture? Yeah, I don't remember that either... #AlwaysTheTallest #fbf #theinstagramlab #homies

What am I thinking???
If you guessed "TeeHeee! @stateofwildshop just came out with a summer line," then you're absolutely right!!! We have put our thinking caps on this season to bring you guys some brand new stuff! I hope you guys love it as much as I do!
Each item is made with love and hard work from each of us! Grateful for all the opportunities God gives us to use our gifts to help others and show love ❤️ #DiaryOfAnAwkwardModel #stateyourwild #stateofwild #summer #theinstagramlab #instagramlab #newfabricfriday

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." -Ralph Waldo Emerson ~
It's no coincidence that your day of birth falls on #nationalbestfriendday !! You are, without a doubt, my best friend. Together, we have experienced the good, bad, ugly, hilarious and crazy that life throws our way. Some of the most beautiful pieces that I carry with me are from you - perseverance, love, hope, joy...
Thank you for being born, being #1 on my favorites call list, having a free-99-laundromat in your garage, having an all access closet (and being my same size), being the real tattoo enthusiast, exercise queen, most-likely to drop something on your foot, coolest sneaky mom and bestest friend that I have. ❤️ happy birthday Ma!
#heymama #getitfrommymomma #theinstagramlab #adanclanadventures

XoXo. ❤️
#getitfrommymomma #instagramlab

You humans are better than unicorns and sparkles, combined.
#smilePretty #ImFORit #instagramlab

This week, being a sophisticated adult meant purchasing vegetables and switching my laundry to the dryer before the mildew set in...
But Friday brain got me spelling restaurant three times before I got it right 🙈😂🙈 Cheers to the three day weekend!! Go smell flowers and spell stuff wrong...#StayWild

Current Mood:
Trying to survive today, after last nights full moon @stateofwildshop session...on coffee, tea, En-R-Gee essential oil (seriously working wonders) and awkward brain.
Feeling super excited about the new things coming for State of Wild!
I am in awe of beautiful humans who go after their dreams and desires! And I'm especially grateful that I get to work with a team of passionate beings who want to put God first, even in our business! #GodFirst #SmallBusiness #EssentialOils #Homyna #instagramlab

"When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind." The roots go deep with these two crazies! I'm so grateful to still be able to go on family trips together as "adults," and continue to be completely ourselves. Do we still get on each other's nerves? Haha! We are siblings, so DUH! But our hearts are so for each other! I'm so lucky to be their big sister and I am incredibly glad we got some Alaska time! Love you both more than the world and everything in it ❤️😘 Who do YOU love more than the world!? #BrotherBear #BrotherFuzz #SisterWolf #adanclanadventures #sistermoose #homyna #youreweird #adventureisoutthere #theinstagramlab

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