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NEE  Melbourne, Australia🇦🇺 Work Enquiries ✉️:

CUT THEM UP, DON'T CUT THEM OUT. Showing some strawberry love today to support our farmers. #smashastrawb

My Saturday night in Melbourne.🖤 I miss all of you. I love you guys !!!❤️

TwinGun 💀


Finishing work I was like this. Just one more day left in Taipei. All I wanna say is yo I LOVE TAIPEI 🖤

Don’t fake it till you make it


Getting started 🎬

Thx 🙇🏻‍♀️ appreciated

Can not live without my pocket fan on hot working days like this 🤩🤠😆

I don’t wanna wake up

The sun comes in
My heart fulfills within 🖤🎼

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