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Same to you universe. Follow @ned_talks for more!

Tag a chronic masturbater. ( @ned_talks )

Tag a sick fuck that thinks they're dogs farts are precious. ( @ned_talks )

♻️ @stuffthatlookslikestuff ♻️ go give him a follow to keep up with that 🔥🔥🔥

♻️ ♻️ go one over and hit the MF follow button or you're gonna miss out.

Relationship goals af. ( @ned_talks )

If you get on the 101 and you don't play this song immediately you're a scumbag ( @ned_talks )

Tag someone who's always getting lyrics wrong, I thought it was douche for years ( @ned_talks )

Tbh I had to look up tfw, idk if it's even right. ( @ned_talks )

I got 99 problems and bitches are like 98.9 of them. ( @ned_talks )

♻️ @bitchenweiners ♻️ if you're not following you're def missing out

Why do I always end up on a couch with the ceiling fan on, like everytime. ( @ned_talks )

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