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NEAVS  NEAVS is dedicated to protecting animals, supporting alternatives, and advancing science. Founded in 1895.

Some of the largest pet food suppliers are conducting cruel tests on animals in labs behind closed doors. Is your brand one of them? Click link in bio to find out.

NIH said that ending chimpanzee experiments was "the right thing to do", so why not all primate testing? Link in bio.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration wants to reduce dog experiments, so let's encourage them to do just that! Please urge them to spare these dogs and consider alternatives. Link in bio.

These kittens need your help. Let's make sure they receive the emergency care they deserve. Link in bio.

This year at NEAVS, we are thankful for progress. Click link in bio to learn more.

Species Spotlight: Meet the Common Marmoset. Link in bio.

Good news! We asked you to urge @nihgov to move former research chimpanzees to sanctuary, and your voice was heard. Click link in bio for more details.

@nihgov let's talk about the number of primates being used in medical experiments. Link in bio.

Species Spotlight: Meet the Rhesus Macaque. Link in bio.

Breaking news for animals used in cosmetics testing! Click the link in our bio to learn more.

On this #WorldAnimalDay we want to introduce you to Emma. Click the link in our bio to learn about her journey.

Vulnerable kittens need your help! Click the link in our bio to tell @usdagov to stop killing kittens and adopt them out instead.

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