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Neat  Adelaide girl. 34 years young. Mum to 2 boys and a newborn girl. Teacher. Wife. Friend. Sister. Sometimes Blogger.

Love this photo ❤️ #gentlestdad #bestdaddyever @karicarelineanz

Curly Sue 😍❤️

@tartecosmetics #TARTEBUCKETLIST how we chilled poolside on our first family holiday to Gold Coast 😍❤️ ahhh take me back!

Love these awesome people like crazy, they make my heart smile ❤️ @opencolleges #oc_awesome

@opencolleges #oc_awesome making time for family to enjoy a beautiful moment, love these awesome guys ❤️ #madebyme #myboys

@opencolleges #oc_awesome nothing like a awesome homemade quilt, awesome summers day and a delicious picnic lunch to create awesome family moments. Love this awesome little guy ❤️❤️

Bubba ❤️

Doing the "I got Vegemite dance" @daveydamaged quite similar to mummy's "I've got money dance" but Lenni's dance happens more often 😂😂

Loves her Vegemite!

Happiness is when your big bro wakes up ❤️

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